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The average screen time for Australians over 18 is a whopping 9.4 hours a day according to a study conducted by Sydney’s Lonergan Research in 2017.

In the last decade, the emergence of social media has contributed to this statistic, taking people further away from the real world.

Any meditation guru will say staying mindful is the key to staying grounded in the present and living a full life.

In fact, being mindful is now recognised as a psychological practice to relieve depressive or anxious states.

Here are 6 free apps to encourage mindful living.


TODAY is a sustainability app to help stay environmentally conscious and helps develop positive daily habits that will better the earth.

The app has an assortment of daily challenges to encourage eco-friendly habits and keeps record of how many are completed. Here is an example of some of the challenges to choose from:

  • Bring a keep cup when getting coffee instead of a take away cup today
  • Shutdown the computer to save power today
  • Pick up 5 pieces of litter today
  • Air dry your hands instead of using paper towels or the hand dryer today

All of these challenges inspire mindful living even in the smallest of ways. 


Happify is an interactive app using science-based activities and games to encourage positive thinking habits.

By filling in a survey at the beginning, the app customises itself to the individual’s personal situation.

It then recommends psychologically certified activities to train the brain to use positive thinking patterns. These activities are rooted in the science behind Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which focus on the present moment and the acceptance of feelings.

Scrolling through social media throughout the day can evoke negative emotions. Choosing to use the Happify app instead is a great alternative to allow mindfulness to take over. This app is a great self-care tool to promote a happy, healthy mindset for those who struggle with low moods and anxious thoughts.

Three women meditating in a gym studio. Image from Pexels.


Buddhify is a niche meditation app targeted at individuals who rarely have time to sit down and meditate. The meditations are designed to fit seamlessly into daily life and are completely customisable.

There are specific mediations for every environmental and emotional situation. For example, there are meditations for feeling stressed, inability to sleep, walking in nature, working with colleagues and plenty more to cater to all scenarios.

Meditation sessions last from 4 minutes to 30 minutes and are varied between written and voice. There are even options to meditate with other people such as colleagues, friends and kids.

Buddhify promotes mindfulness through meditation and encourages the act of focusing on the present and soothing oneself during difficult times.


MyFitnesspal is a fitness app that assists in mindful exercise and eating choices, keeping track of fitness and diet progression as well as advising on health in general.

The app has multiple tools for weight loss such as calorie counting, a food tracking diary as well as expert advice and healthy recipes from qualified nutritionists.

MyFitnesspal firmly believes in goal setting and has developed a feature that can predict your future weight based on the diet you have previously logged.

The app has an extensive food database and a simple barcode scanning component to make keeping a food diary easier than ever. It recognises the importance of staying mindful of food habits to reach healthy body and diet goals. 


Frollo is a financial app which helps organise budgets, saving goals, spending records and more. Its designed to become the user’s financial companion helping them to make economical choices.

When setting specific financial goals such as saving for a holiday in Greece or trying to reduce debt every month by 5 %, Frollo offers ongoing expert advice tailored for each situation. There is also a community element where Frollo users can see how other people are achieving their financial goals.

Founder and CEO, Gareth Gumbley, found that this feature had a big impact on motivating users to reach their own financial targets. This personalised experience makes mindful money management easy.

Girl sleeping on pillow. Image from Pexels.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a sleep management app designed to make waking up easier. It analyses sleep patterns, gently stirring the user awake during their lightest phase of sleep so they can start the day feeling refreshed. A good quality of sleep is responsible for your concentration and energy throughout the day.

Sleep Cycle has many beneficial features that help to track sleeping patterns and produce visual graphics to portray the results. The user learns about their sleep patterns such as sleep quality, snoring, heart rate, average amount of sleep per night and more. The app is handy to stay mindful of sleeping patterns, and make appropriate changes to sustain an improved quality of sleep.

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