Top Superfoods of this year

What will be the superfoods of this year?


Avocados, kale and coconuts were just a few of the superfood trends which dominated our social media feeds last year. So what can we expect health gurus to be raving about this year?

Bondi Beauty has the top 5 superfood trends of 2016:


Move over quinoa – teff is set to be the new favourite gluten-free grain of health enthusiasts. The nutritious Ethiopian seed is high in protein, iron, fibre, vitamin B and calcium. “It is also one of the few grains to contain vitamin K, which we need for blood clotting and bone health,” Sydney-based nutritional medicine practitioner Fiona Tuck explains.

All things Brazilian ( food not waxing)…

With the Rio Olympics fast approaching, Brazilian cuisine is set to ignite our taste buds in 2016. You can expect grilled spicy fish and meat, caipirinhas, and exotic fruits such as mango, papaya and guava.


Cauliflower’s amazing comeback has health gurus to thank, who’ve hailed its versatility. Fiona Tuck explains: “It’s low energy content, high fibre and high nutrient content sees cauliflower as one of the most versatile vegetables available.” Full of phytonutrients and antioxidants, you will now be eating it in ways you never imagined – think pizza bases or spiced in salads. The humble cauliflower is back and set to be one of the superfood trends of 2016.

Super waters

After the explosive popularity of coconut water, other plant-based water products are set to become trendy in 2016. Maple water claims to enhance thyroid function, strengthen bones and control sugar levels. Birch water, made from the sap of Birch trees, is rich in electrolytes and antioxidants. Naturally sweet, hydrating and low in calories, these drinks are guaranteed trends this year.

Fermented foods

Kombucha, kimchi and kefir: the new Kardashians of digestive health! Fermented foods contain probiotics which helps to remove toxins from your body, support immune function and improve digestive health.

Holly Buckingham

Holly is a nutrition graduate originally from the U.K. She has a love of all things health and well-being and enjoys trying out the latest trends. Passionate about travel, you will find her by the beach daydreaming about her next adventure.

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