The ultimate detox for your feet

Milky Foot Active promises smooth, baby-soft feet in just one effortless application.


This luxurious at-home treatment claims it will makeover your feet and remove hardened skin and dry cracks through its intense peeling action to reveal milky-soft skin.

You put your feet into gel-filled plastic bags for up to an hour, remove them, wash your feet and within 3 days, your feet start peeling – and continue peeling for up to 7 days. This is hard core.

Here is the Bondi Beauty experience from Holly Buckingham. Warning: feet-phobics may find this repulsive.

Day 1:

Fool proof application process – I slipped on the gel-filled plastic booties, sat back and relaxed for an hour.

Day 2:

No updates – I was already becoming impatient with not seeing instant results.

Day 3:

My feet had become wrinkled – a bit like an old ladies. The skin appeared to have ‘bunched up.’ Thankfully, sandals were still ok.

Day 5:

It had begun. Skin was peeling all over my feet – particularly the soles and around the toes. It was similar to pulling off blistering, sun-burnt skin – and it was shamefully pleasurable. Repulsed but fascinated.

Day 6:

This was intense – seriously extreme peeling was happening. Large pieces of skin were shedding off my feet and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Wearing sandals and going to the beach was out of the question.

Day 7:

“Is it wrong to say I’m enjoying peeling the skin off my feet?” was a phrase going through my head hourly.

Day 8 &9:

The peeling process had started to slow down. Attending a yoga class meant I was very conscious of the person behind noticing my freakish feet during downward dog.

Day 10:

My feet were significantly softer and definitely beach-ready. Although it didn’t remove the hardened skin from my heels completely, my feet look totally rejuvenated and I would definitely use it again.

How much is it?

RRP: $32.95

Where can I get it?

Milky Foot Active is available at all good pharmacies or

*Bondi Beauty was not paid for this review

Holly Buckingham

Holly is a nutrition graduate originally from the U.K. She has a love of all things health and well-being and enjoys trying out the latest trends. Passionate about travel, you will find her by the beach daydreaming about her next adventure.

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