Yoga trends for 2016

Yoga set to move into more contemporary takes on the traditional practice in the coming year.

Christy Turlington is our yoga guru.

Shyamala Benakvoic, CEO of Yoga Australia, spoke with Bondi Beauty to predict the top yoga trends for the new year.

With fitness more and more often an inclusion in our everyday lives, the spiritual art of yoga has gained more popularity then ever. Yoga is a practice that is good for the mind and body and is achievable at any fitness level.

Yoga Australia has predicted that yoga will feature heavily in Australian’s fitness routines for 2016 as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the new year however, it will not be the standard downward facing dog that yogis are trying to master, but a number of adventurous variations on the practice.

Cultural Diversification – This is the integration of aboriginal story-telling into the practice and see’s yogis moving away from the traditional connections to Hinduism, making yoga more culturally relevant to life in Australia.

SUP yoga – Anyone who lives by the water can tell you about the myriad of Stand Up Paddleboards that are dragged down to the waters edge each morning. Simply standing and paddling upstream is hard enough, yet practising asana on the water is the perfect summer workout, combining both balance and core strength. Try for yourself at Rose Bay:

Yoga Dance -Proving yoga doesn’t have to be quiet to be meditative, the combination of yoga and dance helps to promote coordination and enhance the physical aspect while bringing in a variety of music genres. Fall in love with a new kind of yoga and check out Dance Warriors in Newtown, Sydney:

Couples yoga – We all know that having a workout partner only benefits our own fitness, so what better person to motivate you then your other half. Couples yoga is designed to strengthen your relationship both spiritually and physically. So why not grab your partner and give acroyoga a go in 2016

Doga – also known as dog yoga, it combines stretching, meditation and massage for owners and their furry friends (and is a great substitute to couples yoga).

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