The Podcasts That Changed Our Lives

The Podcasts That Changed Our Lives

Discover the 5 podcasts that changed our lives.

Have you ever just randomly discovered a podcast that has popped up on your Spotify or Apple Music account that got you addicted from the get-go? We asked 5 of our Bondi Beauty Team to share the podcasts that helped them learn a lot and changed their lives.

Founder of Bondi Beauty, Renae – The Aaron Doughty Podcast

The Aaron Doughty Podcast
The Aaron Doughty Podcast by Aaron Doughty.

Aaron Doughty is someone who makes spirituality and mental health practical and relatable. From relationship breakups, self-confidence and making more money, no subject is off limits, and everything he talks about is relatable.

He also has meditations to do daily and really enables people to change the way they show up in the world. I love that he is so chilled and practical and empowers listeners to change any aspect of their life. Even after listening to one 10-minute session, I feel educated and enlightened. 

BB Writer, Rebecca – The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience by Joe Rogan. Podcasts listened to by Bondi Beauty writers
The Joe Rogan Experience by Joe Rogan.

I listen to Joe Rogan of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast – He is on YouTube and Spotify.

Most of the topics he talks about can be controversial, but I love that he asks uncomfortable questions and talks about things many people are not game enough to talk about

He interviews a wide variety of people, from political candidates in the US to doctors, comedians, celebrities and even other influencers. He will often interview ordinary people like you and me who have gone through major life events of survival etc.

His topics range from politics, conspiracies, health and lifestyle and AI technology, ancient and modern historical moments, and more.

BB Writer, Alex – Shameless

Shameless by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald. Podcasts
Shameless by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald. 

I love listening to the Shameless Podcast by Melbourne writers Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald. 

Zara and Michelle, long-time best friends and co-workers, playfully dissect the latest celebrity drama and deep dive into juicy past celebrity scandals, all whilst analysing the impact of social media on fame. 

With their entertaining and irreverent approach to discussing the latest goss and trends in the industry, the podcast fuels my passion for all things entertainment and celebrity PR. It is truly the ideal pop culture podcast for anyone craving their daily dose of celebrity drama from a fun and witty podcast. 

BB Writer, Amber – Anything Goes

Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain.
Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain.

Anything Goes is one of the best and most relatable podcasts out there. It is hosted by public figure, entrepreneur and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain.

The podcast is recorded from the comfort of her bed, and she talks about fun, deep and relatable topics on her mind every week. The best thing about the podcast is that you don’t know what the next episode will be about; it could be anything. Hence the podcast name.

She has episodes about FOMO, dealing with association, anxiety, and realistic habits. Emma has always prioritised being herself and relatability which makes listening to the episodes all the better.  

BB Writer, Shreeya – Difficult-ish

Difficult-ish by Mohuya and Mashnun.
Difficult-ish by Mohuya and Mashnun.

Difficult-ish is a project hosted by Mohuya and Mashnun, two young Bangladeshi-American artists, focused on deconstructing the narrative of what it means to grow up in a South Asian/Desi household and building the idea back together using blocks from two different journeys. They speak about taboo topics in the South Asian/Desi community, including mental health, independence, creativity, and identity enrichment, while never forgetting to keep things silly and light-hearted to show how understanding these ideas may not be as difficult as we believe.

This podcast has very realistic advice and relatable stories that they share with the average south Asian listener, and speaking on various topics makes it feel like I am hanging out with friends in a supportive and encouraging environment that does not diminish our individual experience but empowers me to acknowledge parts of my life and grow.

Amber Grech
Amber Grech

Writer and Video Producer

Amber is a writer and content producer who has a passion for reading, films and collecting vinyl records. You’ll can always find her with a book in hand, or with her headphones on, listening to her favourite music and podcasts. She loves all things entertainment and pop culture, especially movies, actors and books. It’s always been a dream of her's to work with actors and write about them, their work and travel the world.

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