Calorie Free Cocktails You Need Now

Calorie Free Cocktails? It is possible, as a fabulous new book explains.

Conscious Cocktails is an awesome new book packed with low calorie cocktail recipes. Here are some of the book’s top tips on how to have a drink without compromising your summer bod.

It is easy to assume a health kick means no alcohol, which can be difficult, especially in summer, with beach barbecues and Christmas parties.

However, Shannon Rosie Barge, Sydney-based clinical nutritionist, owner of Rosie’s Coogee restaurant and author of ‘Conscious Cocktails’ says otherwise.

Conscious Cocktails was published earlier this year, and is the ultimate bible of healthy cocktail recipes that won’t jeopardise your health the way that other sugary, calorie-packed alcoholic drinks do.

While acknowledging alcohol does have negative effects on the body, and you should never go overboard, Shannon’s mantra is that you don’t have to sacrifice fun for health and that you shouldn’t have to sit in a corner while your friends have a drink over dinner or on a night out.

The recipes in Conscious Cocktails use ingredients that balance the potential negative effects of alcohol on your body, for example:

  • Aloe Vera hydrates the body and gives your gut a digestive boost
  • Chilli boosts the metabolism and eases inflammation
  • Kombucha counteracts nausea and promotes liver health.
  • Ginger helps settle an upset stomach.

Alcohol is the enemy of proper gut function, a good night’s sleep, and liver function, so while using these ingredients can’t erase the negative effects of alcohol, they can certainly assist your body with functioning optimally and stating hydrated when you’re having a social drink.

The high sugar content of pre-mixed drinks or when soft drinks are used as mixers worsen the effect of the alcohol on the body and can lead to weight gain, bad skin, and poor organ health.

Shannon reccomends using natural sweeteners like stevia, honey and dates cuts the nasty additives and the excess calories found in drinks that contain processed sugars. Another great tip is to work with spirits and use your own natural mixers like soda water, fruits, coconut milks and fruit juice.

This book is a must if you are looking to make sure that the occasional social drink doesn’t get in the way of your health goal

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Sarah Carroll

Sarah navigates health and fitness alongside a sinful sweet tooth and an unfortunate tendency to splash her savings online shopping, eating out or buying $10 cocktails at happy hour. With a love for yoga, animals and musical theatre, Sarah is rarely found without a peppermint-green tea in hand, tearing up over animal videos on Instagram.


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