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Calorie Free Cocktails You Need Now

Calorie Free Cocktails? It is possible, as a fabulous new book explains. Conscious Cocktails is an awesome new book packed with low calorie cocktail recipes. Here are some of the book’s top tips on how to have a drink without compromising your summer bod. It is easy to assume a health kick means no alcohol, […]

Confused About food? A new book by the former doctor of our cricket team will help

There is so much confusion about what to eat, but a new book, A Fat Lot Of Good by the former doctor of the Australian cricket team, Peter Brukner, dispels the myths. Brukner says the real evil is sugar, and much like Jamie Oliver’s quest in the UK to not only re-educate the masses but […]

Why sugar-free is only half the story.

Exercise not only increases fitness, enhances mood and improves your body shape. It can also prevent you from developing  diabetes. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing illnesses in Australia New diagnoses of type II diabetes are at an all-time high and the age at which people are developing the condition is getting younger. There are […]

Don’t Trust The Word “Healthy”

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your body.   At least when you sit down to a burger and chips, you know you’re doing something bad. You’ll eat it, you’ll love it, and then you’ll vow to add another half an hour to your next workout. You’ll cheat and then make up for it, […]