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Calorie Free Cocktails You Need Now

Calorie Free Cocktails? It is possible, as a fabulous new book explains. Conscious Cocktails is an awesome new book packed with low calorie cocktail recipes. Here are some of the book’s top tips on how to have a drink without compromising your summer bod. It is easy to assume a health kick means no alcohol, […]

How to Reboot Your Metabolism

Tiffany Hall, founder of TIFFXO.com, shares her best tips on how to improve your metabolism and get your body burning maximum calories. Metabolism is one of those terms we hear a lot about. Your metabolism exists to convert food into energy in order to keep your heart beating, your legs moving and your brain ticking. […]

Eating less calories could help you live longer

A new study has shown why restricting our calories helps us live longer. The study found that eating less calories during the day has big effects on our bodies while we sleep, which in turn, may increase our lifespan. The study was conducted by Leanne Redman of Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana and her colleagues, […]

Your Fitness Tracker Could Be Stopping You From Losing Weight – Really.

Unfortunate news for all you fitness tracker obsessors: research has found your fitness tracker could be overestimating your calories burned by up to 23%. Fitness trackers have become popular amongst fitness conscious consumers, with leading brand Fitbit selling over 30 million devices. Trackers are used as a way to see how many steps taken in […]

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