Bizarre Beauty Hacks of American Celebrities



We’ve tracked down some of the weirdest and most bizarre beauty hacks of American celebrities.

Ever wondered how American celebrities always look young and beautiful?

Aside from the fact many of them use cosmetic surgery to stay looking youthful for the big screen, many of then also include weird and bizarre beauty hacks within their daily routine.

Gwyneth Paltrow:

To help heal scarring and reduce inflammation, Gwyneth has admitted to having apitherapy; which is an age-old skin treatment of having bees sting your face – ouch! She also keeps her mouth clean from bacteria by oil pulling every morning. This is when you use coconut; or any other food grade oil, to wash rinse your mouth of any bacteria.

Salma Hayek:

Salma has admitted to raiding her fridge for foods to help treat her hair and skin problems in DIY style. She uses mayonnaise and avocado to treat her hair and then rinses it out with apple vinegar to remove any sticky residue, left over on her hair. Salma is a strong believer on the benefits of using food we eat to treat many ailments.

Eva Longoria:

Eva has admitted to using only the most luxe of beauty products, which contain placenta, eek! She loves smothering her skin with it, as she believes it boosts collagen production, which keep skin looking young and beautiful. Have you heard of bone broth Eva?

Blake Lively:

Taught to her by her grandmother as a child, Blake applies mayonnaise to the ends of her hair before washing to prevent shampoo from drying out ends. The mayonnaise also helps deal with brittle ends, with the ingredients of the mayonnaise helping to nourish and moisturise ends. Or so she says.

Scarlett Johannsson:

Known for her flawless skin, Scarlett has admitted she applies apple cider to her blemishes to help dry them out and believes it aids in helping skin heal faster. She doesn’t recommend using it all over the face however, as the cider is too harsh as an overall toner.

Halle Berry:

Nothing too bizarre here, Halle’s beauty secret is ground coffee and has been using it for years to keep skin smooth and revitalised. Mixing ground coffee with her body wash for a softer application, she uses at least once a week and believes the caffeine increases blood flow and provides rich antioxidants to the skin.

Catherine Zeta-Jones:

Once a week, Catherine grabs a handful of fresh strawberries and rubs them all over her teeth. She believes the juice and pulp from strawberries; which contain malic acid, serves as an astringent for teeth, which removes stains, kills bacteria and whitens them too.

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