Considering Eyebrow Feathering? Read This First

A beautician shares her advice and tips on eyebrow feathering.

2018 has seen bold brows become all the rage, and treatments that provide a permanent solution to thin, light brows are on the increase.

A popular solution is eyebrow feathering – when hair-like strokes are tattooed onto the skin to give the appearance of fuller brows, with both permanent or semi-permanent treatment options available.

Feathering tattoos can vary greatly in price depending on the salon, but will cost between $400 and $1000. The results will last 12-18 months, but a second touch up appointment is recommended after the first 6-8 weeks – a touch up appointment usually costs around $250.

The first treatment will take around 2-3 hours, but the touch up appointments will only take 1-2 hours. Feathering can be slightly uncomfortable so a topical anesthetic cream or numbing gel is usually applied before the treatment.

The procedure is a commitment, but can be a huge time-saver and confidence booster for women whose brows are naturally on the thinner side and who spend a lot of time filling in their brows each morning.

Sydney beautician Sonyla, founder of Sonyla’s Beauty Spot, has over a decade of industry experience.

Sonyla shared with us her four best pieces of advice for those considering getting their eyebrows feathered:

  1. Do your research:

“Different therapist techniques produce different results, so it’s important to research whether the treatment will be permanent or semi-permanent and to check that the techniques practiced by your chosen beautician works for you.”

  1. Don’t Rush and Be Sensible:

“Be certain and realistic about the shape and thickness you want your brows to be. Always try a tint or henna on your brows for a few months to see if you like the results before committing to feathering.”

  1. Be Realistic:

“Instagram or Facebook pictures are not always a good indication of how good the results will be in real life. What clients don’t realise is when the hair strokes are performed the ink from the tattoo actually bleeds and thickens after a few days. Sometimes touch ups are needed to fill in gaps and re-do areas that the tattoo didn’t take well to due to skin conditions or oiliness.”

“Try to look at someone who has had feathering done – this will give you a better indication of the outcome. Also take into consideration that tattooed eyebrows do fade.”

If you decide to go for the permanent option, don`t worry to much because these can be removed too. Here is an article to help you learn more on have to take care of your skin after removing the tattoo.

  1. Think about the rest of your beauty routine:

“I always recommend to keep in mind your daily make up routine. Some clients have the feathering performed only to realise the look is too harsh for them when they are not wearing any make up.”

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