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The New Sounds of Yoga

Out with singing monks and Tibetan bowls, in with Sia, Bon Iver and Coldplay: Spotify has revealed the top 10 surprising artists and tracks being played by Aussie yogis. According to RoyMorgan, 1 in 5 Australians between the ages of 14 and 34 practice yoga, so it’s no surprise the demand for yoga-appropriate music is on the […]

An Amazing NEW Yoga Studio in Sydney

W1LL’s new yoga studio in St Leonards creates an amazing and unique space for peace and meditation. If you’re looking to start a NEW yoga journey, but the idea of being guided into positions by Sanskrit and other yoga jargon scares you, then W1LL Yoga is the prefect place to start. Especially if you’ve never […]

Sydney has some of the best Barre Yoga studios around

If you don’t know what Barre is, it’s a gorgeous fusion of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet, designed to work your entire body, sculpting a longer, leaner body, all while feeling like a ballerina. Here are some of our favourite picks in Sydney: Dynamic Pilates Studio: Barre Pilates Although this studio is designed for Pilates Reformer […]

Rachael Finch Shares Her Top 10 Tips for a Leaner Body

Rachael Finch tells us how we can look and feel better quickly; and easier, is by creating a longer, leaner and stronger body. Rachael Finch, 28, a certified Health Coach, model, Aussie TV presenter, author, dancer and mother of two has ten tips for achieving that long and lean body. Earlier this year, Finch launched […]

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