5 of The Most Common Fitness Challenges

Everyone confronts fitness challenges at different times. Here are 5 you may confront and how to get over them.

I’m over the gym
Work out exactly what it is about the gym that you are over. If it’s being indoors, get out in a park to exercise. If it’s training alone, find a workout buddy or join a group. If it’s using the same equipment, introduce something new like kettlebells or TRX. If it’s doing the same program for too long, book a trainer to ramp up your workout with new exercises. Identify the specific problem and fix it before you lose motivation and totally give up.
I’m pregnant
Pregnancy is a time to sit on the couch and eat for two… right? Wrong. Regular, moderate exercise is good for mum and growing bub. It can help alleviate morning sickness and give you back your energy. Fend off the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and promote a faster, easier birth. It also controls weight gain and the appearance of unwanted squishy bits. Just get a professional to show you how to modify the exercise you enjoy. You will be surprised how much of it is safe to do.
It’s too cold
So it’s harder to get motivated in winter. Instead of packing it all in and sitting by the heater, exercise to get your blood flowing and warm your body. There are group personal training and Crossfit gyms, dance and martial art studios, yoga and Pilates classes – and none of them expect you to brave the elements. Remember summer bodies are made in winter.
I travel all the time
All the more reason to work out as movement helps with jetlag, flight stiffness and mental alertness. Call ahead to see what facilities are on offer where you are staying. There could be a gym, pool and even a personal trainer. An exercise band can fit in the most compact luggage and be used in a hotel room. Even body weight exercises or a brisk walk or run means you won’t be skipping workouts altogether.
I always get injured
Remember slow and steady wins the race. If you are new to an activity or returning to it after a long break, you need to take a step by step approach and let your body learn, or remember the movements being asked of it. Not even an Olympic athlete would go for a personal best on the first training session of the season. Recurring injuries need investigation by a professional to provide you with specific rehab and move you past this hurdle long term, so it doesn’t jeopardise your fitness future.

What’s the reason for your fitness funk?

By Rachel Livingstone Personal Trainer & Owner of The Health Hub.

Rachel Livingstone

Rachel is a PT and Maternal Health specialist who found the gym at 14 through her weight lifting dad and never looked back. Originally from the UK she finally settled her wanderlusting feet on the shores of Sydney and can often be found on the back of a paddleboard exploring Rose Bay and the beautiful harbour.

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