Cosmetic Animal Testing – Australia says No!



The Australian senate has passed a bill which will ban all cosmetic animal testing.

In a major milestone in the fight to ban animal testing, the Australian Senate has passed an Industrial Chemical Charges Bill 2017 which effectively bans all cosmetic animal testing across Australia.

The Australian Government has committed to 11 substantial reinforcing measures to ensure that all cosmetic ingredients are captured by the ban.

Together with funding, to support the development and uptake of modern non-animal test methods, the bill also includes measures to prohibit reliance on new animal test data for chemicals introduced into Australia for use as ingredients in cosmetics.

Cruelty-free International has estimated more than 500k animals are used in cosmetic testing each year.

Despite the significant reduce seen in animal testing for cosmetics across the globe, thanks to the efforts of the European Union prohibiting all cosmetics testing in 2013, and with a global effort to ban all testing in every country by 2020, eighty percent of countries were still continuing to test their products on animals.

Now, with the passing of the Industrial Chemical Charges Bill 2017, Australia joins a growing number of countries saying NO to cosmetic testing on animals.

“Today we are celebrating a major win in the fight to end animal testing.

The Body Shop has been on a mission to end cosmetic animal testing globally for over 30 years, so to have this bill passed in Australia is fantastic progress. Hopefully, we will see more governments around the world follow suit,”

Marketing and Corporate Responsibility Director for The Body Shop Australia Shannon Chrisp said.

Being the first international beauty brand to campaign against animal testing, and having advocated for a total ban on animal testing for more than thirty years, The Body Shop is thrilled with the latest news on the banning.

Last year, in the most ambitious campaign against animal testing ever, The Body Shop, together with Cruelty Free International brought a petition against cosmetic animal testing to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to create a global framework to end animal testing.

And in just fifteen months, more than 8.3 million people had signed their names in recognition that cosmetic animal testing is outdated, cruel and unnecessary.

The Body Shop will continue to call for collaboration among the cosmetic industry, civil society and governments finally to end cosmetic animal testing everywhere.

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