What to Splurge or Save on for Your Next Activewear Purchase

We’ve got your back when it comes to your next activewear purchase.

Here’s what you should splurge on – and what you shouldn’t – for your next activewear purchase.

Reluctant to dish out some cash on your gym getup? Here are the activewear items you can afford to save on and those that are worth the splurge.



Shoes are one of the most important things to invest in when you’re talking fitness. All kinds of injuries such as muscle soreness and shin splints can stem from wearing ill-fitting, unsupportive or unsuitable footwear.

Unless you’re an avid yogi or swimmer, it is a must to match your footwear to your activity. Running shoes have more ankle support and include shock absorbers for high-impact surfaces, while aerobic shoes tend to be more lightweight and cushion the ball of the foot- where the most pressure is applied during workouts.

If unsure, in-store retail assistants can tell you which shoe would be right for you based on your activities.

Some great brands to look at are Asics, Nike and Adidas. All of which have a wide range to cater for different activities and styles.


Regardless of size, most exercises get breast tissue bouncing, so spending a little bit more for a good quality sports bra is a must.

An ill-fitting or unsupportive sports bra will cause damage to the ligaments holding the breast tissue in place, which can lead to pain and in the long term, ultimately sagging.

Much like shoes, you must match your sports bra to your activity.

For low-impact exercise such as yoga, you may be able to get away with a crop. while higher impact exercise will require some structure and wired support.

Brands we love are the Lululemon Ta-Ta Tamer bra and Berlei. For low-impact crops, Running Bare have our pick.



Tops and jackets don’t have to pinch all your pennies. Opt for something you feel comfortable in while exercising, and try something with breathable fabric. Some of our favourite style steals are H&M and Cotton On Body.


Tights can be a tricky one. Do you save and risk the dreaded see-through-while-squatting dilemma or spend the big bucks? If you decide to risk it, make sure you try before you buy and do the see-through test. If you are prone to thrush, you must ensure there is a breathable gusset too.

Some reliable and affordable brands we love are First Base and Puma.

It’s so worth splurging on Nike kicks.
Chloe Loukes

Chloe is a personal trainer, marketing student and resident country girl who moved to Sydney from Bathurst NSW. Chloe loves shoes, has a passion for functional training and ventures to try a new brunch spot every Sunday.

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