Easy Christmas Gift Ideas For Last Minute Shoppers

Inside of shopping mall during Christmas

No matter what your budget is this Christmas, these last-minute gift ideas are guaranteed to secure you a spot on your family and friend’s nice list.

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who do their Christmas shopping early and those who race around the shops the week of, scrambling to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. 

If you’ve left it too late, save yourself a headache and check out our last-minute Christmas gift ideas from $150 to $16.

Napolean Perdis Naughty & Nice Eye Palette

Napolean Perdis Naughty & Nice Palette
RRP $85

Featuring 20 glamorous jewel tones, the Naughty & Nice Eye Palette is the ultimate gift for the makeup-obsessed.

These fun, playful colours are buildable and highly-pigmented.

They also come in a wide array of finishes including shimmer, chrome, foil and matte.

Napolean Perdis understands that versatility is key when creating eye-catching makeup looks.

Their colour combinations allow for fool-proof experimentation, meaning one palette will give you countless day or night-time eyeshadow looks. 

The palette also comes with an attached stand-up mirror to make doing your makeup a whole lot easier when travelling.  

Palm Beach Collection Passion Flower Fizz Candle

Palm Beach Collection Passion Flower Fizz Candle
RRP $42.95

Treat your loved one to a deluxe limited-edition Christmas candle from Palm Beach Collection.

The candle has tropical notes of wild strawberry, peach, mango, pineapple, papaya and passionfruit with a coconut, vanilla base.

This fruity inspired scent is the ideal Summer candle and lasts for up to 80 hours with a double wick for an even burn.

Synergie Skin Christmas Bonbon Kit

Synergie Skin Christmas Bonbon Kit
RRP $29

Synergie Skin has brought out a luxury bonbon with mini versions of some of their best-selling skincare products.

It includes their Vitamin B serum, an essential before-bed serum that rejuvenates the skin and increases luminosity.

The iconic teal bonbon also includes their ÜberZinc moisturiser which has an ultra-hydrating formula with a number of antioxidant properties due to its pure green tea base.

The bonbon also offers two sample size sachets of their ImprovEyes Day anti-ageing serum as well as their SuperSerum+ age-defying serum.

Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum

Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum
RRP $24

Utilising the extract of a native Australian blood red finger lime, the Nourish Lip Serum is the perfect lip-pampering product.

It’s nourishing properties not only soothe the lips from inflammation but can reduce redness and leave them feeling as soft and hydrated as ever.

The serum is long-lasting as its formula penetrates the lips to repair and regenerate the skin cells whilst leaving a subtle shine much like a clear lip gloss.

Oz Hair & Beauty Gift Box

RRP $152.71
RRP $140.79

A beautiful gift for the the beauty enthusiast who is either looking to shift their haircare or skincare to next level.

Inside you’ll find some of the top rated beauty products for both the haircare gift box, and the skincare gift box.

For hair, you’ll find products from brands like EVO, Moroccan Oil, WOW and Olaplex. For skin you’ll find products from brands like Aspect and Cosmedix – two of the top rated skincare brands. Winning.

Eco Cheeks Toilet Paper

Eco Cheeks Toilet Paper
RRP $48

Prevent your loved ones from facing another toilet paper shortage and gift them a luxe Eco Cheeks toilet paper bundle.

The 3ply toilet rolls come in a pack of 36 and have more than double the sheets of a normal toilet paper roll so you are truly getting bang for your buck.

Their hero material is bamboo, allowing the toilet rolls to be hypoallergenic, strong in durability, as well as soft on the skin.

Not to mention Eco Cheeks toilet paper is manufactured using zero plastics and is completely recyclable.

This environmentally-friendly bundle is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Blom Original Headband – Prints

Blom Original Headband – Printed

Nothing is better than finding a stylish accessory that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

Blom have brought out their most popular multi-style headband in a bunch of fun-loving prints.

From animal prints to geometric patterns, there is simply an option for everyone.

The breathable, bamboo fabric makes this hair accessory suitable for both sports and fashion as it keeps not just flyaways but sweat away from your face.

The band can also be easily manipulated to suit any hair type and has a no-headache guarantee. 

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