Why ‘sweating it out’ is not a hangover cure

You can now order Uber Eats and stay in bed guilt free on a Sunday morning because as it turns out, sweating it out after a big night, isn’t good for you.

Prior to this discovery, I was of the opinion that a good workout or a long walk always helped you kick the hangover. But as it turns out I should have just been sleeping in bed watching my favourite episodes of Friends this whole time.

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Me to me on a Sunday morning.

According to experts, working out hungover is exactly the same as not working out at all.

Mark Leyshon, senior policy and research officer at Alcohol Concern told Huffpost “Our performance after drinking will be pretty underwhelming”.

Why you may ask? Well our friend Mark goes on to explain: “Alcohol makes our kidneys produce more urine, causing dehydration which will be made worse by exercising, leading to reduced performance”.

Apart from the fact that you will not perform at your best, making the results kind of useless, you still may have alcohol left in your system which has the potential for causing some havoc.

If you had a big session the night before and go to the gym the next day your co-ordination may be affected as well as your ability to recognise your limits. This could mean you are more likely to strain something and injure yourself.

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This could be you. Stay safe by staying in your nice, cozy bed.

Potential injury aside, sweating out the toxins isn’t even a real thing, hangovers are just a waiting game. 

“No amount of exercise can reduce the effects of a hangover,” Mark added. “It’s best to rest and drink plenty of water rather than engaging in vigorous activity”.

Have the day off, rest, re-hydrate, eat the greasy burger and try not to think about the drunken Snapchats you sent last night.


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