Natural Beauty Products to eliminate wrinkles



Natural beauty products can and are effective in eliminating wrinkles.


Clear, clean, wrinkle free skin is the key to natural beauty.

Skin Physics new range of three natural beauty products target the face, neck and under eye area.

You only need to look at celebrities over 50 to see many have smooth skin on their faces, but their necks are saggy, and the skin is damaged and badly creased. Reason? It is one of the toughest areas to correct, even with surgery.

It’s wise to look after your skin long before ageing sets in to prevent damage and the need for potentially invasive, expensive procedures down the track.

Australian skincare company Skin Physics have released 3 products to specifically target the neck ( and face) in women over 35, and they are paraben and sulphate free. They help lift and smooth the skin on the neck specifically using majestem, a cultured plant extracted from the Edelweiss plant (yes, the star of THAT Sound Of Music song) which helps lift skin.

An additional ingredient, a marine extract called Actigym helps burn fat and tone muscle in the area, and DermCom from the Crocus Chrysanthus Flower Extract claim to improve cell communication.

The Face treatment Cream contains minerals, peptides and botanical actives. The Eye Treatment Serum contains Beatifeye, a personal tree silk extract that lifts whilst reducing dark circles and puffiness as well as hydrating Blue Marine actives and inflammation fighting peptides.

Used twice daily, the neck Treatment Cream along with the Face Treatment Cream and Eye Treatment Serum create The Advance Superlift System which work together and independently to target the neck, face and delicate under-eye area with a delicate buy complex mix of natural but effective ingredients.


The Skin Physics Trifecta

Priced at $89 for the neck treatment cream, $69 for the eye serum and $79 for the face treatment cream,

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