Beauty Hacks to Protect Your Hair All Year Round

When overexposed to sun, sweat, sea salt and chlorine, hair can be left extremely damaged.

Here is a guide on how to protect hair this summer.

Regardless of hair health all year round, over the summer, hair tends to be dry and lifeless. This is a result of sun rays drying out the hair and increased humidity which leaves the hair frizzy and limp.

The increased amount of sweat the hair is exposed to can also create problems such AS dandruff and split ends. Sweat also causes problems for the scalp leaving it dry and rough, which is not an ideal environment for healthy hair to grow.

Even though the summer months can be harsh on hair, it is easy to treat and protect hair with these easy tips.

Start with a Fresh Cut

Regardless of hair length, summer heat can make the ends of hair dry and brittle. At the start of the season, treat the hair to a new haircut or trim to help prevent any split ends worsening. Having a quick trim at the start of Summer will leave hair feeling fresh and in a better state to take on the harsh summer conditions.

Sun Protection 

The absolute best way to protect hair from sun damage is to wear a cap or hat at all times when exposed to the sun. If a hat is not an option, use a leave-in conditioner with a high SPF content to protect hair and scalp from sun damage. Try the COOLA Suncare ‘Organic 30 SPF Hair and Scalp Mist’ ($26 from Sephora)

Avoid Hot Water

Try and skip out on hot showers this summer as hot water will dry out hair leaving it brittle and lifeless. If a cold shower is too uncomfortable, opt for a water temperature that is slightly warmer than body temperature.

Beat the Heat

During the summer months, hair is already exposed to heat from the sun, so avoid hair styling tools that use heat such as blow-dryers, straighteners and curlers. If possible, let hair dry naturally, however if a blow-dryer is needed, use the low or medium temperature setting and always use heat protection.

Care for Your Colour

If hair is colour-treated, extra care is required during summer. Chemically treated hair mixed with summer sun will lead to extreme colour fading, and damage to the hair. Make sure to use products specifically made for colour-treated hair. A great way to combat dryness for coloured hair is to add a whole egg to a colour-treated hair specific conditioner. Leave this in for 20 minutes and rinse out with cool water.

Treat Hair Once a Week

Take the time to care for hair during the summer months and use a deep treatment at least once a week. A great treatment for sun damaged hair is to create a mixture of ½ cup of honey, 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply this mixture to the hair and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse out with cool or slightly warm water. This treatment will help to replenish keratin protein in the hair and leave the hair stronger and shinier.

Tried an Overnight Hair Treatment?

Prepare hair for the summer heat with an overnight treatment. Simply apply the treatment from roots to ends, wrap a towel or cling wrap around the head and leave in all night. By morning hair will be soft, smooth, strengthened and ready to take on the summer heat. Try the Sephora Collection ‘Hair Sleeping Mask’ ($7 from Sephora). This hair mask is a Shea butter infused cream that can be lathered on the hair which comes with a hair cap to help let the treatment soak in overnight.

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