This New Book is the Bible of Natural Beauty

The New Australian Book That Is the Bible of Natural Beauty.

Bondi Beauty speaks to natural beauty expert, skincare specialist and founder of Mukti organics, Mukti, about her holistic beauty book ‘Truth in Beauty.’

Mukti says forget magic bullets, and have a more gradual, process driven approach to skincare for the best and healthiest results.

If you are looking to make the switch to a more organic, natural beauty routine, this book is quite literally all that you need.

‘Truth in Beauty’ exposes the secrets of the industry, giving the A-Z of toxic ingredients found in many everyday beauty products and providing healthy, organic alternatives.

Truth in Beauty’s author, Mukti, is a passionate eco-activist educated in complimentary medicine, has been in the skincare industry for over 20 years, and is the founder of the organic skincare range Mukti Organics.

“The book is essentially about selling the message that we need to be more educated and empowered and aware when it comes to our beauty practices,” Mukti said.

“It’s also about the impact we’re having on the environment – mindful beauty. Being responsible and giving back,” she said.


Mukti, author of ‘Truth in Beauty’ and founder of Mukti Organics

One of the book’s most practical uses is its listing all of the ingredients that should be avoided when buying products, and encouraging readers to read the ingredients of the products they’re using.

“It’s really important to read the ingredient list on products and reduce the amount of chemicals we are exposing ourselves to,” Mukti said.

“In general, avoid the four P’s, so Parabens we know a lot about those now, Phylates, perfumes and preservatives.”

Behind all of the scientific jargon is the underlying message of keeping a beauty regime simple and natural rather than falling into the hype of beauty fads and ‘miracle’ products.

“I think sometimes people tend to look for a ‘magic bullet’ product when it comes to beauty, but it’s really just about paring it back and keeping a really simple routine,” Mukti said.

“It’s not just about applying something topically and hoping for a miracle.”

Mukti is also a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle alongside an organic, holistic beauty routine.

“It’s a holistic thing, so you need to look at your diet and your lifestyle and everything that’s going to support that,” she said.

“It’s about starting from within, starting from the basics. Go on a digital detox for a start. If I start my day by doing a meditation rather than going on Instagram, what’s going to be a more loving choice for me? It’s the simple little choices you make like that.”

Ultimately, ‘Truth in Beauty’ is the complete bible for anyone looking for organic solutions to beauty problems and natural alternatives to the many toxic products on the market.

“I’m really passionate about getting the message out there, because there is so much that people don’t know, or don’t even consider when it comes to beauty,” Mukti said.

For more information on both ‘Truth in Beauty’ and Mukti’s organic skincare range, visit

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