Get Nude and You’ll Be Blushing

Need a pick me up? Liven up your face with this beauty staple.

Nude by Nature

As someone who likes to keep their beauty regime to a tried and tested 12 minute maximum I often sigh at the thought of having to apply make-up twice a day (a reapply usually necessary after a workout or for an evening event).

Sometimes it takes one simple product to liven up your entire face; and if you are having a particularly fortunate day that may be all you need to run out the door in the morning, before coming home to apply a fuller face of make-up later in the day.

For me that product has and always will be the perfect shade of blush or bronzer.

Forever a fan of the Nude by Nature range, their blushes and brushes have to be a couple of my favourites. Available in the most natural of shades Nude by Nature blushes and bronzers are destined to highlight your best features without standing out starkly from your skin.

The Nude by Nature Virgin Blush (RRP $19.95) contains no toxic ingredients, no bismuth and no glitter. It looks and feels natural, working to lift and define the cheekbones. Best part? Great product to share with girlfriend’s as it is generally suitable to any skin tone.

Of course blush or bronzer is not just a pick me up to dust on as you run out the door. All Nude by Nature blush and bronzers can be used to finish off a look by softening strong eye makeup and adding colour to a simple look.

If you’re game enough, the Nude by Nature bronzers also work to contour the face. Use a darker tone in the hollows of your cheeks, around your hairline and below your jaw to add definition to your features and highlight your cheek bones with a shade of blush that suits your skintone. Preferably one with a hint of shimmer, so as to reflect natural light and give you the cheek bones you have always wanted. Kate Moss’s of course.

Lucy Bortolazzo

Lucy is a journalism graduate who feels most at home when wandering the streets of foreign cities. She has a passion for design, travel and everything food, and uses the excuse “I’m curious” to explain just about everything.

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