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Sheet Masks You Need to Know About

You either love them or hate them. Either way, sheet masks have fast become the most popular way to treat any major skin concern and boost hydration. Alright beauties, we have spent some considerable number of weeks, testing a sheet mask a night to bring you the very best in hydration, anti-ageing, blemish treatment and […]

Dry skin? Here Are The Best Creams To Moisturise Your Face

Whether it’s caused from the cold weather, or it’s something you battle all year,  dry skin isn’t fun. When your skin is dry it can be easily irritated and more sensitive. Makeup doesn’t sit well and you may even find your skin breaking out, as the dry skin blocks your pores. And where a good […]

The World’s Gone Mad for Coffee Body Scrubs

Six years ago, mention the idea of rubbing ground coffee all over your body as a great exfoliator and people would think you were mad for doing it – I mean, why waste such a wonderful elixir on your skin. But, six years on, if you aren’t including a coffee body scrub into your weekly […]

Exciting Beauty trends for 2018

These are the exciting beauty trends we predict for 2018 It’s our favourite time of year here at Bondi Beauty! Beauty season is here and we are being bombed with some of the latest beauty products from around the country, and the globe. Sephora just had their 2018 beauty launch, where the latest beauty brands […]

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