Life, Health and Books – It’s a Juggling Act

Bondi Beauty talks to Gabrielle Tozer, full-time journalist and author, who says green smoothies, walking to work and early morning writing sessions keep her sane.

Beautiful Sydney author Gabrielle Tozer.

“I’ve been a mad woman the last year,” admits Gabrielle Tozer. Juggling a recently published book, writing a sequel and having a full time job, it’s no wonder the author/journalist has been run off her feet.

Tozer’s recently published novel The Intern was her first step into a hectic lifestyle. “I wanted to write books since I was six years old,” she says, so her two book contract with Harper Collins is a dream come true. But it isn’t all fairy tale endings, “to be an author you have to have the patience of a saint – it is a very long process,” she says.

“I began writing my first draft in September 2011,” says Tozer, The Intern was then published through HarperCollins in February 2014. During the time she was editing The Intern she was also writing the sequel book and maintaining a full time job as a copywriter.

How does Tozer split herself between her books, work and life? “Maintaining a work/life balance is really difficult for me at the moment because I have been working full-time and juggling the two books,” says Tozer, “I really have to have quite a regimental schedule to get the job done”.

For starters, Tozer works on priorities, “I think you’ve got to pick priorities and I’ve realised that health is a priority for me”. Her routine includes making sure there’s enough time in the day to get everything done. This means waking up at 5:30 and working on her creative writing until 7:30 am, “I recommend all writers give it a go, you’re less harsh on yourself in the morning,” she says.

“I’ve realised that health is a priority for me”

After this, Tozer has her daily green smoothie which she says is absolutely critical to her day. “I do not feel human without it,” she says, “I have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast and that wakes me up and keeps me energized”.

“While writing the books I’ve had to really adapt to the situation,” she says admitting to having to cut back on favourite gym classes like boxing. Now Tozer relies on walking everywhere to keep up her exercise.

“Something else that is critical in terms of my health and well-being while juggling work and remaining creative is walking,” she says. “I walk to and from work,” which adds up to be 40 minutes per day, “it lets me clear my mind, get away from the computer, and just look after myself,” she says.

At the end of the day, Tozer takes some much needed down time. “When I get home I’m usually exhausted so I give myself the night off,” she says, but admits, “if I’m on deadline sometimes I have to write as well at night, but I try not to”. On weekends she sets time aside for creativity but also makes sure she’s organized for the following week, “I really make an effort to spend time with my husband, get some fresh air, see friends, and cook some healthy meals for the week,” she says.

“It’s hard work but it’s just normal, my body’s used to it,” says Tozer of her busy lifestyle, “you’ve got to look after yourself because work/life balance is so hard to find”.

Tozer’s debut novel The Intern is available online and in any good bookstore. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for her sequel book due out early next year!

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

How does your job get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle?

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