The All Natural Energy Fix – 5 ways to boost your energy levels naturally

A well-balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep and enough down-time should allow your body to produce the amount of energy needs to see the day through.

Boost your energy simply & naturally.


Unfortunately the busy lifestyle  we lead often takes our focus away from ourselves causing us to miss a meal, sleep less or skip a session at the gym.

Our bodies need a constant fuel of energy and if we are not fuelling it up with the necessary ingredients we will start to experience slumps such as the 3pm afternoon slump, or you may wake up first thing in the morning and feel completely unrested.

Here are six different ways to natural boost your body’s energy levels.

Indulge in a massage

Treat yourself to a relaxation massage or convince a friend or partner to give you a rub. Massage will help to deliver more oxygen to various areas of the body as it improves circulation.

Deep tissue massages will help relieve muscle tension and tightness, allowing the muscles to relax and lengthen, ultimately allowing the body to function and move with ease. Thai massage also works specifically to clear energy meridians in the body.

Thai massage will effectively increase muscle-tissue flexibility, release tension, improve circulation and oxygenate tissues. This corrects the energy flow in the body so that energy is stimulated and restored.

Sip something spicy

When the 3pm afternoon slump hits and you’re in need of a serious energy boost, rather than having a cup of coffee, try having a hot and spicy drink to wake up. Herbal stimulants such as ginger, cayenne, garlic, black pepper and cloves increase your metabolism, boost circulation and warm your body.

Using herbs and spices in your afternoon tea will also mean that you are not having the usual milk and sweenter that you would usually have.  Adding these herbs will add a lovely flavor whilst also giving your body a good dose of antioxidants.  Add these to a green or chamomile tea for a natural awakening.

Dry-brush your skin

Dry brushing your skin not only exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin follicles but also increasing circulation, much like massage, allowing the oxygen to flow effectively around the body.

It’s important to buy a brush with natural bristles and starting from your feet, brush up your calves and thighs, moving towards the groin area. Be sure to stroke the brush upwards, over the buttocks and mid-back up to your arms and armpits. Brush across your shoulders and back down the chest towards your belly.

Finally, work the brush in a clockwise direction over the belly to aid and stimulate digestion.

Maximize breathing

A lot of people do not take notice of their breathing habits and patterns. It’s important throughout the day to take notice of the depth and length of our breaths because oxygen is what our body thrives off and it’s how our muscles receive energy.

Given that so many of us do not have time to concentrate on our breathing patterns constantly, having a few breathing exercises or techniques up your sleeve for when you have a spare 2 minutes can be super beneficial. The Yogic breath of fire (also known as the pranayama) requires you to inhale deeply through your nose, then exhale in 20 to 30 short bursts as you force the breath out.

Breath normally for five minutes and then repeat. According to the Kundalini Research Institute (2013), breath of fire oxygenates and detoxifies your blood. It can also build up lung capacity, clear the respiratory system and balance your nervous system, immediately increasing energy levels.

Bathe before bed

If you are someone who is over -active at night and finds it hard to get to sleep because you are overtired or simply can’t put your mind to rest then having a hot bath before bed it exactly what you need. Ensure that the bath is not too hot.

You want it warmish, around room temperature, so that your body temperature drops and allows you to fall asleep sooner. Add aromatherapy essential oils to your bath to soothe and calm the senses.

Try Roman chamomile or lavender oil for a sleep bath soak. These can be purchased from your local health food store.

How do you boost your energy levels naturally?

By BB Intern Lauren Walker




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