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New Fitness Trend POUND.

POUND is a full-body cardio dance class becoming extremely popular in the US. Pound incorporates using lightly weighted drum sticks or “Ripstix”. The constant drumming combined with cardio, pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses burns some serious calories in 45 mins.

Participants are estimated to burn between 400 and 900 calories in one session alone.  Pound is a toning and sculpting class that aims to strengthen the muscles whilst jamming out to a variety of music including rap, hip hop, rock, dubstep and old-school music.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a dancer on any level to participate; the moves are simple and easy to pick up. By the end of the workout you will have performed 15000 reps, over 30 extended interval peaks and covered over 70 dance techniques for a total tone and sculpting workout.


Animal Flow is a primal workout.

Another workout taking the US by storm is Animal Flow. Designed by fitness professional Mike Fitch, Animal Flow incorporates a range of animal like movements combined with elements of Parkour, break dancing and gymnastics in an intense freestyle flow that is said to be awesome fun.

The movements are easy to learn – positions are intense requiring power in order to maximum the use of your body strength at all times. Not only does animal flow allow your body to be sculpted and toned, the cardio and unusual movements will leave you feeling liberated.


Like a pole in pole fitness, incorporating ropes into a workout can deliver maximum results as the body is not used to the unusual types of movements exercises with ropes demand.

Achieving fast results whilst working out is all about shocking the body by doing movements that it isn’t accustomed to. The ropes are used to get the heart pumping, develop core stability and increase strength.

Using heavy ropes in a workout was originally developed to train for combat sports such as mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling and kicking boxing to increase strength, power and endurance.


Not so much a tantalizing striptease, pole fitness is an amazing overall body workout. From head to toe, every muscle has to work to maintain control, balance and shape whilst twisting and posing around a pole.

Pole fitness burns calories quickly because you are working your entire body through isometric and cardio exercises. As well as developing a great figure, pole dancing has been known to increase body awareness, self-confidence and decrease stress levels.

You will notice your posture improving, your motivation increasing and your flexibility and mobility improve dramatically.


Adam Rosante, personal trainer and founder of The People’s Bootcamp originally designed WaveShape for surfers and paddleboarders. It is a 45-minute workout that incorporates multidimensional movement patterns of surfing, surf skiing, body boarding and other board sports.

It was designed to build explosive strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. The results and benefits include a long, lean, surfer-like physique whilst maintaining muscle definition and great core strength.

The WaveShape workout including pilates movements with your own body weight as well as dumbbells. According to founder Adam Rosante, it only takes two 45-minute sessions a week, for 3 weeks to achieve an overall lean physique.

BB Intern Lauren Walker

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