So You Want To Write a Book?

For aspiring writers, Bondi Beauty talked to Gabrielle Tozer, journalist and author of The Intern, about how to connect with your inner voice and finally write a book.

Published author and journalist Gabrielle Tozer.


Writing isn’t easy and Gabrielle Tozer will be one of the first to admit it, “it’s not like I just decided I wanted to write a book,” says Tozer, “I’ve been working towards it since I was 6 years old”. Tozer shares with us her top four creative tips:

1) Be prepared to work hard.

“There’s been a lot of effort,” says Tozer of the work she’s put into her book. “There’s just so much time and dedication put into it,” she says, which “is why books turn out to be so rich, and the kind of thing you can keep forever”. With over 10 years experience in the industry Tozer says, “I’ve always been working towards it, just trying to get enough experience as I can”. So being prepared for the long haul will help aspiring authors hang in there.

2) Get some practice

Like any skill, writing practice is essential for improvement. “Go easy on yourself and just start,” says Tozer, “set aside some time for yourself each week where you just let yourself have fun with it, and see what comes out”. For those who need more direction Tozer suggest that “if you’re a bit more regimented with your writing, maybe plan it out a little bit and then have a go”.

3) First drafts are only first drafts

“Don’t expect that first draft to be the best thing,” says Tozer, “it’s okay if it’s not perfect”. Instead, congratulate yourself for getting a first draft finished. “Just have a go and make sure you find a way to keep the love of writing while you’re doing it,” says Tozer, “don’t give up, it’s a hard, long process, but if you truly love writing then it’s worth doing”.

4) Keep Reading

“What’s so important and not always spoken about is you have to keep reading,” says Tozer. “I’m addicted to Twitter, blogs and magazines as much as the next person,” she admits, “but reading other fiction is so important”. Tozer recommends any aspiring writer’s to read the book On Writing by Stephen King, “I read it once a year, I find it so inspiring,” she says, “it’s such a nice reboot, creatively”. Tozer says that while reading is important, it’s also necessary to analyse what you’ve read, “seeing what’s been done that you like, seeing what’s been done that you don’t will help all writers,” she says.

Tozer’s debut novel The Intern is available in allgood bookstores and online. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the sequel book, Faking It, due out early next year,

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As a writer, how do you stay motivated?

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