Dominique Tait


Sleep Better – Every Night of the Week

Having trouble sleeping?  You could unknowingly be doing things throughout your day that leave you wide eyed at night. Sleep is a crucial part to your daily cycle and overall health. Not only does your body rest and replenish over night, but sleep also plays a crucial role in the functioning of your immune system, […]

A Gluten Free Recipe to Die For – Lime and Coconut Cake.

Calling all gluten free girls. This Lime and Coconut Island cake is a great treat to bake at home and share with your friends. Rowie from Rowie’s Cakes shares with us her delicious gluten free recipe proving that naughty treats can still have a little bit of those nice healthy benefits. Rowie’s Cakes is a […]

5 healthy foods you probably over-eat

These days we’re all educated on what foods not to eat. But we can forget that healthy foods can have a negative effect if eaten too much. If you’re struggling to lose weight consider your diet and ask yourself if you’re over eating on these 4 healthy foods. Avocado Full of good fats, vitamins, minerals […]

5 reasons sunscreen could be good for you

Sunscreen is critical all year round. Even in Autumn, you should be wearing it on your face, hands and arm. Here are 5 reasons sunscreen could be good for you.   One in three Australians are vitamin D deficient which many experts attribute to avoiding the sun. However what we don’t know is that vitamin D […]

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