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A Gluten Free Recipe to Die For – Lime and Coconut Cake.

Calling all gluten free girls. This Lime and Coconut Island cake is a great treat to bake at home and share with your friends. Rowie from Rowie’s Cakes shares with us her delicious gluten free recipe proving that naughty treats can still have a little bit of those nice healthy benefits. Rowie’s Cakes is a […]

5 healthy foods you probably over-eat

These days we’re all educated on what foods not to eat. But we can forget that healthy foods can have a negative effect if eaten too much. If you’re struggling to lose weight consider your diet and ask yourself if you’re over eating on these 4 healthy foods. Avocado Full of good fats, vitamins, minerals […]

5 reasons sunscreen could be good for you

Sunscreen is critical all year round. Even in Autumn, you should be wearing it on your face, hands and arm. Here are 5 reasons sunscreen could be good for you.   One in three Australians are vitamin D deficient which many experts attribute to avoiding the sun. However what we don’t know is that vitamin D […]

Working out in saunas and hot yoga – this is what they do to your skin.

Ever wondered about the effects of hot yoga, saunas, and working out on your skin? Bondi Beauty spoke to Emma Hobson from Dermalogica about the effects of winter weather and the effects of heat from both saunas and hot yoga classes on our skin. When working out, is our skin affected differently in winter to […]

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