No Sugar, No Stevia. These Really Are The Best Keto Bars On The Planet

Ally Mellor Locako

Australian based Keto Brand, Locako is creating some of the best keto products on the planet.

Bondi Beauty spoke to the inspiring founder of keto and low-carb Australian food company Locako, Ally Mellor, and she shared some of her best insider tips and products for a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. What we eat can affect every aspect of our lives, including our energy, how quickly we age, our skin, mental health and even our physical fitness and strength.

Ally started Locako just over five years ago with the goal of innovating and exciting the global health and wellness market with new and different products. From personal experiences, she built her brand from the ground up to help engage people in a healthier lifestyle, including their snacks

Potrait of Locako founder, Ally Mellor
Locako founder, Ally Mellor.

.In her early 20s, Ally discovered keto by accident. She listened to her body’s needs and started experimenting with different foods.

In October 2017, Ally decided to start Locako because of her underlining health issues. She wanted to create healthy food that tasted great too, and not to miss out on sweet treats.

“As a teenager, I had anorexia. And it caused a lot of underlining health Issues, including polycystic ovaries and insulin resistance.”

In Ally’s long and difficult road back to health and away from anorexia, she had to switch to a low-carb, low-sugar keto diet which was ultimately the inspiration for her brand.

Ally says Locako is very different from other Keto brands she had tried, as Locako actively promotes healthy and nutritious eating.

“From a consumer point of view, I think people trust us. When we launch a product, and when we say that it’s keto and low carb, we really mean it. There are no hidden ingredients, and there are no unnatural sweeteners that spike insulin resistance.”

Locako has a wide range of sweet snacks for a protein hit as a mid-morning snack or afternoon sweet treat.

Their most popular snacks include collagen brownie bites and balls. Ally has a wide collection of flavours, including almond butter cookie dough, peanut butter jelly and vanilla and hazelnut. Ally says their secret ingredient for sugar replacement is stevia and monk fruit.

Protein Brownie Balls - Peanut Butter Jelly
Locako Protein Brownie Balls, Peanut Butter Jelly.

“We use both stevia and monk fruit, and we don’t use a lot. Our snacks don’t contain any sweeteners whatsoever, which sounds a bit odd, but we actually get the sweetness from cacao mass. It’s our secret ingredient.

“It’s A leftover product from the cacao bean when you strip out the raw cacao, and it’s beautiful and sweet.”

There is a range of vegan products at Locako, including the banana plant-based protein ball made from real freeze-dried bananas and cacao mass. All of Locako’s protein balls are under 100 calories.

“I do also love our electrolytes. All of our electrolytes are vegan.”

Keto Electrolytes - Bundle
Locako Keto Electrolytes Bundle.

Locako’s electrolytes are a powder mix that provides a replenishing and hydrating blend of key vitamins and minerals that are perfect for restoring minerals lost during ketosis.

With a healthy dose of magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium and vitamins, the electrolytes are only 2 calories per serving. Ally recommends mixing in 3g of their electrolytes with 250-300 mL of water for a fruity, tangy, and refreshing drink.

Ally is looking forward to releasing a range of new flavours for Locako’s electrolytes, including blueberry, black currant, and Pina colada. Locako is also releasing a snack and dessert for cake lovers, a quick and easy, cake in a mug.

There are plans to expand Locako into the Lucrative American market, as Ally explains

“We’re very excited for the US. We are trying to get the right timing. We believe our products will do amazingly well there. We need some support to get over there. So that is hopefully in the pipeline next year.”

Ally’s biggest achievement to this day is changing people’s lives. Locako stocks over 30 different low-carb, clean and nutritious products around Australia and New Zealand.

Locako Keto Protein Balls

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