Natural Therapies were the Key to Lee Holmes Saving Her Own Life



We talk with Bondi-based Nutritionist Lee Holmes on how she saved her own life through natural therapies.

Six years ago, 43 year old Bondi single mum Lee Holmes was diagnosed with non-specific autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia; a condition often associated with widespread pain and tenderness, and felt as though she was a 43-year old trapped inside the body of an 80-year old.

Often crippled with the pain of arthritis and left feeling permanently exhausted from the cocktail of drugs she was taking, Lee felt she was never going to get better.

Frustrated at the prospect she would suffer this way for years, it was in this darkest hour, Lee made the choice to begin her journey towards self-healing.

“In order to heal myself naturally, I needed to dig deep into what life choices were keeping me from being healthy, particularly with diet. So, I researched a lot about how food affects diseases and began overhauling my nutrition. Eventually other aspects of my life took a more natural turn as well. Everything from the detergent I was using to washing my clothes, to the shampoo I used to wash my hair. I began to take a more natural approach to almost everything I did.” Lee told Bondi Beauty.

At the time, Lee was a single mother of two. Having children, Lee found herself time-poor when she was unwell and even today now that she is healthy. So, instead of finding excuses to ignore her health and well-being, Lee finds new ways to adapt her new healthy lifestyle into her busy life and says:

“Initially it was a real challenge to take a more natural approach to life in general, particularly with children, especially with food. Preparing meals when you have free time is important, as it prevents you spending hours in the kitchen. Particularly if you are time poor.”

But it wasn’t just with food that Lee had to make massive life changes. She needed to examine everything she was using and doing on a day to day basis to ensure she was taking the most natural road possible. Everyday household items needed to be changed over to products that contained less chemicals, along with all cosmetics products like: shampoo and conditioner, skincare and makeup.

“Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs 90% of the ingredients we place upon it. So, changing over all of my general cosmetics products was vital in leading me towards a better and healthier me.” She says.

Lee is now a fully qualified Holistic Nutritionist, Whole-foods chef and yoga teacher. She recently became an ambassador for Green Nutritionals and is now an acclaimed author and has published no less than 6 books on health and wellness.

“Anyone can practice natural living. All it takes is being more mindful of everything you eat, drink, wash in and what products you use, which creates an incredible change in the body. I take out 20-minutes of my day to meditate. This helps me to re-balance and de-stress, which is essential to ensuring I don’t become overwhelmed with all the intricacies of daily life and just keep on top of health and happiness.”

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