Rebecca Wilkinson


Say hello to Bondi Beauty's new Beauty Columnist. Rebecca is a pescatarian, who may yet one day become a vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel with a weakness for coffee, and is often found scouring the city for the latest tastes in breakfast smoothie bowls. If you can't find her, or she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's hiding in a yoga studio, working on her zen or trying out the latest beauty craze like rubbing smashed avo all over her face. We know, what a waste of smashed avo.

New Giveaway: Win Over $250 Worth of Designer Brand Cosmetics

We have an exciting new giveaway where we want to give one lucky reader an incredible collection of Designer Brand products valued at over $250. Completely vegan, cruelty-free and one hundred percent Australian owned and made, Designer Brands is a seriously underestimated brand where half of you have heard of it and the other half […]

How To Make a Chai Latte

Make your own Chai Latte at home with this easy to follow recipe. Did you know in many parts of the world, Chai is actually the word for tea? In India the western version of Chai is actually referred to as Masala, which mean spiced tea. In the western world, Chai has become a a […]

How To Treat and Hide Scars

Become the master of disguise with these tips on how to hide and treat scars. Most of us have scars. And we aren’t talking about the emotional ones. No, we are talking about skin scars. Whether caused by acne, injuries or surgery, many women (and men) spend a lot of time trying to heal and […]

6 Fabulous Beauty Products All Under $30

If you’re on a budget and looking for beauty products which still perform well, try these beauty products all under thirty dollars. Beauty shopping shouldn’t be stressful. There is loads of fun to be had testing out what’s new and trending. However, if you’re on a budget and trying to save for a holiday, a […]

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