Swimsuit Tips from hot Gold Coast PT

These three major tips will help you lose weight and get lean – and they’re not that tough, from Gold Coast PT Sahra Ruddell.

GC PT Sarah Ruddell gives Bondi Beauty some tips going into spring.

Sahra Ruddell is a Personal Trainer & Co-founder of Make Your Change. Based on the Gold Coast, she is guest writing for Bondi Beauty.

Our bodies use energy to process the food we ingest. Quality protein & complex carbohydrates use much more energy to process compared to processed sugary/fatty items. Just by feeding yourself a healthier meal, your body already burns a large amount of it off without even exercising! So think about that before you grab something “off the menu”.

Eating regularly is very important to help avoid the energy slumps, which is normally the time we crave a quick fix.

Whether it be another coffee or sweet treat, we form a habit thinking those things are the only way we will get through this period. Yet eating these regular healthy meals will avoid these periods altogether.

If those quick fixes are a habit to you, it may take some will power to break them. Make sure your healthy meals are prepped, so you can get through these periods easily!

Weight Training
Build muscle to burn fat and create a toned body! Don’t think you need to spend hours on the treadmill to lose fat or create the body you want. Our body’s also use energy just to keep functioning even if we aren’t doing anything.

The more muscle mass you have, the more energy the body uses and in turn the more fat it burns. Weight training is incredibly effective in building muscle and creating tone.

Females shouldn’t be scared away from weight training, as due to our makeup and considerably lower amounts of testosterone, it does not make you big and bulky, especially not overnight!

Fasted Cardio
This is exercise on an empty stomach, ideally first thing in the morning and it is only exercise at 60% max heart rate. Something like a walk or slow jog depending on your fitness level and only for 30-40 minutes. Any longer or more intense would just start burning muscle which is definitely not the idea of this.

Another trick with this is to have a shot of black coffee prior to this exercise, as the caffeine helps move the fat cells in to the blood stream. It must be black however, no sugar or milk of any kind. This is a simple, effective method for fat loss that can help kick start your day in a very positive way!

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Sahra on the beach on the Gold Coast.

Sahra Ruddell
Sahra is a Personal Trainer & Co-founder of Make Your Change.  Based on the Gold Coast, Sahra provides face to face training sessions but also is able to improve the lives of those worldwide through “30 Days to Change” your online training, nutrition & lifestyle program available at www.makeyourchange.com.au


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