Meditation changed my life

Who knew the blissful practice of transcendental meditation had the power to totally change my approach to life. 

Meditation allows the body to reach a deep state of rest
Meditation allows the body to reach a deep state of rest.

When I was first offered the opportunity to be a part of Tom Cronin’s 2-day meditation program, I had no idea what to expect. As an avid health and fitness advocate, I knew that the practice of meditation was highly beneficial, but I had only ever touched the surface of it during stressful periods in my life. After just two days with Tom, my perspective towards life was greatly amplified as I began to understand the limitless powers of meditation. 

 Tom’s teachings are world renowned. During the program I learnt a deep, transcending style meditation that uses primordial sounds (mantras) known as Vedic Meditation. The practice allows the body to reach into a transcendental consciousness, producing a state of rest that’s even deeper than sleep. I received my unique mantra and learnt to repeat it effortlessly inside my head for 20 minutes at a time to reach a deep state of conscious calmness and inner peace. 

Meditation is about grasping the 3 ultimate fulfilments in life: love, bliss and joy and allowing yourself to find stillness and serenity in a state of simply ‘being’. We are all human beings, yet I used to find it so incredibly hard to be content with this feeling of being. I was a prime example of someone who never stopped and filled every second of the day with tasks to thrive off being busy. Before Tom’s course, I found it excruciatingly difficult to simply sit and be still. Now, I can truly appreciate the gift of being and of allowing myself to connect with a conscious state of stillness to find calm and an unstoppable deep inner power.  

 Through Tom’s teachings I learnt of the 7 human states of consciousness, of which most people only touch on the first 3. Through transcendental meditation, I now hold the ability to reach a consciousness of deep relaxation and rest and through the continuation of my practice, I’ll be able to reach a permanent unbounded awareness of silence and profound peace even during the chaos and business of everyday life. Meditation holds the power to let me feel a state of true liberation and the ability to notice the beauty and details of my surroundings more intimately than the average human being. 

Tom describes meditation as the power to becoming a superhuman. And now, after learning the true practice and unlimited abilities that it holds, I understand its true benefits. Meditation has the power to guide us to a state of limitless bliss, joy and love and it has definitely started spreading its power over me. I sleep better, am much more grounded and focused and less concerned with the worries in life that are completely out of my control. My love for life and those around me has intensified and I feel clarity in my sense of being. 

 I will be forever grateful to Tom for allowing me to find the gift of meditation. It has truly changed my life.  

Stephanie King

Stephanie is a qualified Exercise and Sport Scientist who lives and breathes all things health and fitness. An Eastern Suburbs local, Stephanie spends her weekends being active outdoors, sipping on an espresso and hunting down the best smashed avo toast in Bondi. She has travelled to 5 out of 7 continents, jumped off one skyscraper and out of one plane to date.

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