5 Healthy Gym Snacks To Help Beat Your Sugar Craving

If you are craving sugar after a workout, try these give healthy gym snacks instead.

Walking out of the gym after a great sweat sesh, do you ever get the overwhelming desire to buy a brownie?

Turns out you are not alone in craving sugar after a workout, according to a study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School people unconsciously desire sweet desserts after working out.

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So here are 5 healthy gym snacks for when you have the muscle munchies.

Hummus and raw veggies

The glorious chickpea is the key ingredient in hummus, so it is full of iron, folate, phosphorus and vitamin B. So pack a little zip-lock bag of hummus and veggies like your mum used to for your school lunches and you will be kicking off your nutritional intact for the day with a bang.

Bounce balls

Vegan, gluten free and lactose-free all your favourite words in one sentence. These little tasty balls of bliss come in two flavours, Almond Kale packed full of 8.8g of plant based protein and Cashew Peanut choker block with vitamins B and E and containing 9.2g of plant protein. These little drops of heaven will set you back $3.29 per ball at Coles. So grab a couple to drop into your gym bag this week.

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Green Smoothie

Take a nice hit of antioxidants after your cardio, that is not only delicious but filled to the brim with vitamins, all in one tasty serving. A green smoothie will stave off the sugar craving while maximising nutritional intact and unlike a green juice it retains important fibre for the body.

Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a great way to start the day as it is packed with B12 which is necessary for energy burning and brain function. Greek yoghurt is rich in amino acids which make protein and help repair damaged muscle. It’s a great way to feed those sore muscles the nutrition they need.


Fruit is healthy and handy when running out the door after missing your 6 am alarm. Mother nature’s tastiest treats contain enzymes to help your body process nutrients and deliver them to those overworked glutes. Pineapple should be go-to as it has anti-inflammatory properties to help your muscles recover.

So kick start your morning with a nutritional hit rather than a sugar high.

Maddie Lucre


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