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5 Healthy Gym Snacks To Help Beat Your Sugar Craving

If you are craving sugar after a workout, try these give healthy gym snacks instead. Walking out of the gym after a great sweat sesh, do you ever get the overwhelming desire to buy a brownie? Turns out you are not alone in craving sugar after a workout, according to a study by the University […]

A new way to be hair-free, without wax

The Pharo salon sugaring system will change the way you wax your body. Sugaring hair removal, dates back to the 21st century when it was traditionally made by boiling sugar, lemon, water, salt and essential oils to make a paste and rolled into a ball to remove the hair of ancient Egyptians. Similarly to traditional […]

WTF? Alcohol really does age your skin

Alcohol not only gives you headaches and hangovers, it has a significant impact on your skin. According to LA Dermatologist Dr Lance; who counts Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham on his start studded client list, it can take anywhere from two to four weeks for your skin to regulate after a big night of drinking. […]

America’s new laws expose hidden sugars

New laws in America mean hidden sugars in food are about to be exposed to consumers. We all know that sugar is added to many food products, such as soft drinks, desserts, biscuits and lollies. But have you ever checked for sugar content in foods like bread, pasta sauce or canned vegetables? The Food and Drug […]

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