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Magnum launches vegan ice cream in Australia

Magnum has finally launched vegan ice cream in Australia. The wait is over for premium vegan icecream. This pea protein non-dairy vegan ice cream coated with dairy free chocolate  is available for sale in the UK, Europe and Australia. It signals a shift in consumer tastes – many global food critics are saying the future […]

Go Vegan for Australia Day

An easy guide on how to go vegan this Australia Day Whether you’re a veteran vegan, a newbie vegan or looking to become one, when faced with a traditional Aussie BBQ on Australia Day, the odds are stacked against you on trying to stay meat and dairy-free. However, there are ways to still enjoy a […]

This new shampoo changes the colour of your hair in one wash

This new shampoo from London changes your hair colour instantly – in one wash.   Colouring your hair can be high maintenance. Dyed hair can demand maintenance, with follow-up appointments at the salon necessary to maintain the colour and brightness of the hair, usually within 4-6 weeks of the first treatment. The Infuse.My.Colour shampoos by […]

Know the facts BEFORE you go Vegan

While some people see it as just a fad, being vegan has some undeniable benefits. The vegan lifestyle has a reputation for being an indulgence of the super-rich in a bid to lose weight or as part of a “clean-eating” mantra. However, a vegan lifestyle is arguably more ethical, can improve your health and better […]

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