Maddie Lucre


Maddie is in her first year of a Bachelor of Communications at UTS. She has a passion for writing, podcasts and photography. A self-confessed coffee addict Maddie loves all things to do with food, wine and the beach. In her down time you can often find her coffee in hand heading down to beach with plenty of sunscreen on.

5 Quirky Fitness Apps To Help You Exercise

If you’re struggling to find the right reason; or motivation, to help you get fit for summer, try these five fun and quirky fitness apps. Zombie, Run: Did you have a Pokémon Go phase? Did you love walking or running around after phantom monsters? Well, Zombie Run might be the app for you. Using GPS […]

Why you only need 150 minutes of exercise a week

Think you are healthy? Think again. According to the ABS 60% of Aussies are not getting in the recommended amount of exercise. Are you are struggling to get motivated to exercise this summer? Turns out you might not need to be doing a crazy exercise regime after all.  150 minutes of moderate exercise and 75 […]

Lazy Girl’s Fitness Guide

How to get and stay fit by doing the bare minimum Are you a lazy girl? Do you forget to wash your hair once every two days? When people ask you what your morning routine is like, you stare blankly at the them, as you are never awake before 12pm. Do you leave your washing for […]

Forget Pyjamas: Here’s why you should be sleeping in the nude

Do you love sleeping nude?  You aren’t alone. One in three adults sleep naked according to an international sleep study conducted by the US National Sleep Foundation. Studies have linked sleeping in the buff to increased libido, decreased stress levels, better sleep patterns and helping you look younger. So cast off those PJs for some […]

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