6 Australian Female Fitness Gurus to Inspire Your Workouts on Instagram

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Be inspired to reach your fitness goals with six of Instagram’s top female Australian fitness gurus.

Looking to up your fitness game in 2023? Look no further than these female Australian fitness gurus for your workout inspiration.

Australia is home to a wealth of qualified and inspiring fitness trainers and enthusiasts who live and breathe health and wellness and aren’t afraid to show it.

From personal trainers to yoga instructors and fitness influencers, these six top Aussie fitness experts on Instagram will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals and look good while doing it.

1. @kayla_itsines

For the holistic approach to fitness:

With over 15 million Instagram followers, Kayla’s Instagram account is filled with motivating workout videos, healthy recipes, and aspirational posts to kickstart her follower’s fitness goals.

Kayla’s experience as a personal trainer, author, businesswoman, and mum equips her with the expertise to design a 12-week fitness program tailored to helping women achieve their fitness aspirations, sharing her workout videos and advice on her Instagram page.

Her signature high-intensity workout coined Bikini Body Guide (BBG), combines intense interval training (HIIT) and resistance training to build a strong, toned, healthy body rather than focussing solely on losing weight.

Kayla’s’ followers have also witnessed her two pregnancy journeys with the fitness influencer sharing workout and diet changes that appeal to other soon-to-be mums.

Her approach to fitness is all about empowering women to cherish their bodies and feel confident in their skin, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Kayla’s Instagram workout content.

2. @amandabisk

For the mind, body and soul:

Aussie exercise physiologist, yoga instructor and former pole vaulter, Amanda Bisk is renowned in the online fitness community for her high-energy workout videos and her emphasis on progress over perfection.

Her Instagram is a highlight reel of plant-based recipes, exercise routines, and motivational quotes to inspire workout newbies to kickstart their fitness journey.

At 25 years of age, Amanda was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, leading her focus away from high-intensity workouts and towards yoga and pilates for stress-relief.

Her yoga and Pilates workouts are quick, easy, and motivating for all amateur fitness gurus, particularly those workouts that are set in beautiful, beachside spots around Australia. With over 600k followers, Amanda’s Instagram is for the inspired learner, eager to explore their fitness goals through a mixture of high-intensity workouts, wellness, and healthy, nutritional eating.

Amanda showcases her yoga and Pilates workouts for her followers.

3. @hiit_it.fitness

For the gym newbie:

Tara McKenzie, female fitness and nutrition coach and former Bondi Beauty writer shares a mix of workout videos, fitness advice and motivational tips and tricks on how to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle on her Instagram page.

Tara particularly resonates with young women fighting gym anxiety, helping her followers feel empowered and confident in their training, despite where they align in their fitness journey.

Tara runs a free virtual masterclass for women who want to establish healthy habits by following a health and workout routine to achieve their fitness goals.

She also runs high intensity interval training classes at a range of gyms in Sydney’s Inner West as well as offering an outdoor bootcamp for women that want to build lean muscle and increase their strength and endurance.

Tara’s Instagram account combines elements of her fitness journey in the gym with beginner workout tips and inspiring advice for gym newbies that helps her followers feel more confident and comfortable in the gym.

Australian Female Fitness Gurus on Instagram
Tara motivates women on Instagram to combat gym anxiety and achieve their fitness goals.

4. @emilyskyefit

For building a rock-solid core:

Emily Skye’s Instagram platform boasts over 2.5million followers and here’s why. As well as being a dedicated fitness guru, Emily is also an advocate for self-care and mental health and educates her followers on the roles they play in achieving overall health and wellness.

Her account combines simple at-home workouts, nutritious meals and her daily routine as a working mum.

From nutrition advice to healthy, kid-friendly recipes and meal prep inspiration, Emily emphasizes the importance of nourishing your body with a nutrient-dense diet whilst trying to build a stronger, healthier body.

Unlike other fitness influencers, Emily showcases the before and after results of her post baby body, sharing the process of regaining strength and momentum once in the postpartum stages.

Emily is all about body positivity, regularly posting pictures of her post baby body in a bikini, challenging her followers to cultivate this same self-love and self-acceptance before setting their personal fitness goals.

Emily Skye shares her post baby body on Instagram, appealing to women in their pregnancy and postpartum stages.

5. @rachael_attard

For the toned bod babes:

Slim, toned bodies are what Rachael helps Aussie women achieve through her Instagram low-intensity cardio workouts, resistant training and a healthy (but no less delicious) diet.

Her workouts, all shared on her Instagram page, focus on building and maintaining strength, whilst toning the body and staying lean.

When Rachael started working out, no one understood why she wanted to keep her body lean and slim down whilst staying fit and toned, so she created her own program.

Rachael’s program combines fitness and wellness to deliver results for her clients in her lean legs program, flat tummy program, glutes, abs, and legs program.

She also regularly posts her clients before and after pics to motivate new followers or workout newbies achieve their fitness goals.

 Rachael’s Instagram page is renowned for her relatable, down-to-earth content that is a great source of inspiration and education for anyone looking to improve their holistic well-being.

Rachael shares her low intensity workouts, resistant training, and healthy dieting tips to her followers.

6. @jennalouise_jl

For the fitness newbie:

With over 100k Instagram followers, Jenna’s approach to health and wellness stemmed from her life changing mindset shift.

She was stuck in a rut, emotionally, physically, and mentally and finally decided to make a change by taking a stand and regaining control of her life. Jenna’s profile is filled with motivational workout content, valuable fitness hacks and advice and progress shots with the caption ‘Wake up bitches, it’s the weekend and we have ass to kick’.

Jenna’s very own program is promoted across her page, showcasing the holistic elements of fitness, with a tailored meal plan, workout program customised to client’s unique needs, and step-by-step exercise video guides.

The program is centred on a mindset first approach, swearing off quick-fixes and fad diets to invite clients to push themselves to reach their full potential ‘in the gym and in life’. Jenna’s Instagram provides a simplistic yet no less motivating guide to working out for all fitness newbies, supporting followers on their health and wellness journey.

Jenna’s motivational fitness content is perfect for workout newbies.
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