Stay Strong And Sexy

Have you ever been on a “health binge” only to experience the yoyo effect?

strong and sexy
Stay strong and sexy forever by managing your fitness and nutrition

You can stay strong and sexy forever, Sydney’s Brandon Hasick shows us how:

Most cardio and HIIT regimes don’t promote the growth and repair of muscle, but merely aim to burn calories, which is why you will see some quick results at first, but may encounter the “yo-yo” effect.

Trying to dramatically reduce your weight without promoting the growth of new muscle tissue in its place, you are effectively becoming your own kryptonite and making every attempt after this one that little bit harder to achieve.

Instead, what you need to do is:

  • Ensure your body becomes a metabolising machine

This can be achieved by undergoing a systemised strength and conditioning regime which focuses on building time under tension (TUT) throughout a large range of motion for each muscle group.

Time under tension or prolonged force production is one of the key factors in muscle promotion or strength. Muscle promotion is the key factor in metabolism. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that you are providing your body with some sort of progressive overload in regards to strength training.

It doesn’t have to be heavy, it just has to be enough of a stimulus for the result you are looking for.

  • Utilise compound movements and lift heavy with low reps 

By this I mean, heavy lifting with low reps to produce strength, as well as some higher reps at lower weights to produce lean muscle density, and then combine it with some weight based conditioning to promote motor pattern and extra training volume.

You are stronger than you think. Not that muscle soreness is the way to measure how well you’ve done, but it is often a good indication that your muscles are adapting to the overload in stimulus.

  • Implement a nutrient dense high protein diet

If you combine this style of training approach with a nutrient dense/ high protein diet you will ensure that your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is constantly increasing.

By increasing your BMR, you are essentially allowing your body a bigger buffer when it comes to your lifestyle.

If you’re happy living off celery sticks and beetroot dip for every meal, then that’s great. However, if you know that you’re someone who may enjoy a wine or two, or a cheeky slice of pizza from time to time. You’re best ensure your buffer system of a higher basal metabolic rate is on point, otherwise you are going to be back to square one.

strong and sexy
Time under tension is one of the key factors for promoting muscular strength

An example of an effective and simple training programing could consist of just 2 movements with varying intensities.

A. Back squats
B. Strict Barbell Press
Complete 8 reps of A and then resting until the minute finishes. Next Minute, complete 8 reps of B and then rest. Each minute alternate the movement and complete 8 quality reps.
5 sets of each movement will take 10 minutes in total.

C. Back Squats
D. Strict Barbell Press
Complete only 3 reps of C (this time a lot heavier) and then resting until the minute finishes. Next Minute, complete 3 reps of D and then rest. Each minute alternate the movement and complete 3 quality reps.
5 sets of each movement will take 10 minutes in total.

This can be done with almost all movements. E.g. Push Ups, Pull Ups, Deadlifts, Lunges etc.

Brandon Hasick is a Sports Scientist, movement coach and owner of BodyByBrando, a group fitness studio in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Brando holds a passion for helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results with their bodies with his ultimate goal to help as many people  understand how they can build a better body that functions at optimal capacity day in and day out.

Brandon Hasick

"Brando Hasick is one of Sydney's hottest new trainers. A qualified Sports Scientist and movement coach, he is now the proud owner of BodyByBrando, the newest group training studio in Sydney's Eastern Suburb, Paddington. Brando is the epitome of hard work and endless determination, and despite loving to occasionally "drink pale ales until the sun comes up," he leads a balanced lifestyle and an infinite passion for helping people achieve a body free from restrictions. Brando’s sole objective stands to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results with their bodies and he has already earnt a remarkable reputation within the fitness industry, now training alongside the likes of Commando Steve and Michelle Bridges."

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