Tips to keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

Are you spending time putting your makeup on in the morning and then finding it has almost disappeared by lunch?

Avoid the dilemma and check out these simple tricks to help your makeup stay on all day.

Fading foundation

Flawless makeup always starts with a healthy base, so your skin care regime is crucial to achieving longer lasting makeup.

If your foundation sinks into your pores and skin throughout the day, it’s likely your skin is dry and desperate for some hydration. To combat this, invest in a moisturiser with SPF that doubles as a primer. Our favourite’s are Garnier’s BB Cream for Sensitive Skin or Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream. Be sure to let it absorb for a few minutes before applying foundation.

Alternatively, if you find your foundation is sliding off your face, this could be due to having an oily skin type, or simply from natural perspiration throughout the day. In this case, keep your foundation going strong morning to night with a matte primer. These deliver a smooth finish and keep your foundation in place by absorbing oil.

Dust finishing powder over your foundation to set your makeup in place, further removing and combating any oil. When applying, concentrate on the oiliest part of your face, the nose and forehead, while being careful to not go overboard which will give a cakey look.

Not so rosy

Getting your blush right can be hard enough, and it definitely doesn’t help when it fades and gets patchy throughout the day. To avoid this, you need to prep your blush so it can last the distance. Using a cream and powered blush together is a great way to help your rosy look last all day. Apply a cream blush or cheek stain very lightly before your powdered blush for a perfect flush of colour. We love Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks.

Eye shadow

If your beautifully created smokey eye isn’t looking so sultry after a few hours, you need to better prepare your eyelids for eye shadow application. Eye primer works a treat as a base for your eye shadow, helping it sit smoothly and last for hours. We recommend Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow Primer Potion.

Another option is using a cream or stick eye shadow before your powdered one to help it last, while also making the colour pop. They’re great because they’re quick and easy to apply, and can be used on their own for a more natural look. A more wallet friendly option is doubling up on your eyeliner and using it as the eye shadow base instead.

When creating a darker look, gently smudge your black, brown or charcoal liner all over your lid then put your shadow on top.  You can use the same trick during the day, but choose white coloured eyeliner instead for a lighter, subtler look.

The not so deliberate smokey eye

Your eyeliner may have been a perfect flick when you left the house this morning, but by lunchtime it can start to look like a smudged mess. First, apply concealer over your entire eyelid and dust with powder. This will protect your eye makeup from natural oils that cause your makeup to crease and side. Similar to using a setting powder with your foundation, line a black eye shadow over your liner to set it in place.

Long lasting lipstick

Lipstick that fades fast and bleeds after a few hours is every woman’s dilemma. To avoid constant lippy touch ups, invest in a lip primer, we’re crushing on NP Set’s Lip Primer. Similar to foundation primer, they smooth the texture of your lips so lipstick glides on smoother and sticks for longer. They often come in a nude tone to match your natural lip colour, making your lipstick pop.

For extra long lasting wear, fill your lips with a lip liner after priming. This will give your lipstick something to adhere to, not interrupted by the natural moisture of your lips. Very lightly dusting your lips with pressed powder after applying lipstick is another sure fire way to help lock in the colour for that perfect pout.

By BB Intern Jess Brears

What’s your favourite infallible makeup product?

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