Declutter Your Beauty in 3 Easy Steps

We have simplified decluttering your beauty down to 3 easy steps.

How to declutter your beauty. We have simplified decluttering your beauty down to 3 easy steps.

Everyone has their own process when it comes to decluttering beauty cabinets in the bathroom, whether it’s working section by section, doing a mass purge, or somewhere in between. 

With what’s new in beauty flooding social media daily, and with beauty products being crowned the latest “trend”, the allure of exploring new and exciting beauty products has never been stronger.

However, amidst the promises of plump and radiant skin, a growing reality emerges: the accumulation of products over time.

Bottles, compacts, palettes, and containers amass – leaving you in dire need for a proper organisation system before your vanity and even your bathroom becomes overrun.

Long bubble baths, massages, and indulgent skin-care routines are often touted as popular forms of beauty self-care. But we think purging your excess beauty products, be decluttering, reorganising, cleaning, and maybe even donating in the process can be just as therapeutic as a good spa day.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to get productive and take a much-needed internet break, we have created an easy 3 step system to help you declutter your beauty, fast and effectively.

And who knows, you may even dig up a fab eyeshadow palette you forgot about in the process of decluttering, which is now trending under the latest shades to rock, saving you money on buying another one.

Step 1: Assess 

Decluttering your beauty will leave space to make things look beautiful.

Begin by assembling all of your skincare, beauty, and makeup goodies. Sort each section into distinct piles and take it one step further by organising them by style, type, and category. 

For example, you can group your lipsticks by their style (everyday natural wear or bold glamour), type (liquid or stick), and category (matte, glossy or satin).

It’s also best to create a pile for the products used daily, ensuring they’re easily accessible when you’re getting ready in the morning. This approach can also prevent disrupting other piles of makeup when you’re reaching for the essentials.

During this process, remember to inspect expiry dates, and only replace expired products if you use them regularly in your routine.

You’ll be able to determine if they’ve expired by looking at the small, opened jar image, which will display a number followed by the letter ‘M.’ This indicates the number of months after you’ve opened the product until it expires.

Step 2: Purge What’s Not Needed

Next on the agenda, assess your collection and discard all products that no longer resonate with you. 

While a Marie Kondo-style overhaul isn’t mandatory, this is your chance to part ways with items rarely touched – establishing a curated assortment that you’ll use. Resist the temptation to cling to products that fail to meet your preferences and needs and pave the way for a regime and products that you truly cherish and enjoy using.

Tip: Consider donating gently used or unused items to local women’s shelters to avoid wastage. You can sanitise these by spraying lightly with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Step 3: Organise What’s Left

With the tidying phase complete, it’s time to embark on finding the perfect nooks for your cosmetics.

Opt for transparent acrylic containers to ensure maximum visibility – whether your products are nestled within your vanity, cupboards, or even on your tabletop, these containers can showcase your stunning collection on display.

Even if you steer away from these containers, don’t underestimate the power of labels.

While an unmarked container may cause confusion, one that specifies exactly what’s inside will eliminate time wastage and uncertainty. Label makers are the perfect tool for this and can also elevate the desired aesthetics of your storage system.

Store skincare, beauty, and makeup items in proximity to where you dabble with them most.

Deploying each of these strategies will steer your array of products towards an effective system of storage and accessibility. 

With thoughtful organisation, you’re not only optimising the physical space you have, but also fostering a mindset that encourages consistent self-care. De-clutter your beauty and feel better every time you reach for that mascara or foundation.

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