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Why I’m Choosing Natural Over Painted Nails Post COVID-19

With renewed nails which haven’t been painted for months, I’m choosing not to go back to the nail salon. For Now. As we emerge out of lockdown after three months of semi-isolation in Australia, the decision whether to go back to the nail salon or not got me thinking. Who else is struggling to go […]

How to Achieve a Natural Beauty Makeup Look in 10 Easy Steps

Founder & Director of The Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific Melanie Burnicle, tells us how easy it is to achieve the no makeup makeup look. Skin Prep is key to achieving a natural looking makeup look. If you can get your skin looking its best, you generally will only need a minimal amount of makeup. Check […]

Vanessa Megan, Australia’s Natural Beauty Queen.

Vanessa Megan is fast making a name for herself as the Australian expert in natural beauty. Her natural beauty products are exceptional, and she is mindful of the environment. I first saw Vanessa Megan’s (her real name is Vanessa Megan Grey) natural beauty products in Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurant. It was about 10 years ago, […]

Have You Heard About Natural Botox?

If you’re looking for a non-invasive lift to the face, Natural Botox may be for you. Natural Botox is a term used for Cosmetic Acupuncture; a popular holistic, natural beauty treatment that can replace cosmetic botox. In 2018, Australia became one of the top five nations around the world having more cosmetic procedures than any […]

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