Periscope Fitness? The free way to a bikini body

Have you embraced the new fitness trend? Free Periscope Fitness Classes – we give you our top five:

Periscope brings you free global fitness, right into your lounge room. (Image from

If you have trouble finding time or money for exercise then  check out Periscope—Twitter’s live streaming service.

Periscope works a little bit like your Snapchat story—except that it lets you live-stream your life as well as storing the video for 24 hours.

A new trend on Periscope among some of the world’s leading fitness studios and instructors is to use the new app to stream workouts for free. The focus for most streams is simple and equipment-free; to make it possible for people to join in from their living rooms.

These streams are a great way to exercise at your time, in your space, and if you have a busy schedule or are travelling it is gold.

Between not having to leave your living room and the fact that Periscope streams have to be viewed live, we’ve found these 5 streams to be great motivators.


Pearl Street Fitness runs 30-45 minute workouts 2 to 3 times a week, a great channel for a quick fitness fix.


We love Kino MacGregor’s Instagram ( and now you can join her with her daily yoga assignments, stretching, and meditation.


Another big Instagram user, Michael Morelli is a fat loss specialist and certified personal trainer and his Periscopes have fresh, new moves and fitness and nutrition tips.


Chalene Johnsons is a motivational speaker as well as a fitness instructor, so her streams are the best thing for getting you moving.


If Yoga is your thing, then you definitely need to check out Kerri Verna’s Periscope classes. Full of beach yoga and meditation, her classes are the perfect way to start the day.

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