The Wellness Travel Trends to Help Find Your Happiness

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Health and wellbeing is about more then what we put in our bodies or how often we train. Often it involves our happiness, our surroundings and our experiences.

Make 2016 about achieving a well-rounded life by focusing on what makes us happy, whether that be travel, nature, fitness or simply taking the time necessary to de-stress.

Health and Fitness Travel have found the perfect destination to help you achieve all these things:

Fertility Wellness

With the pressure and stress of our modern lifestyles seeing a continuing rise in fertility troubles, more couples are turning to wellness retreats in an effort to banish stress and increase their chances of conceiving naturally. Through personalised wellness programs incorporating healthy nutrition, healing spa therapies and mindfulness practices, such as yoga and meditation, couples are encouraged to release stress and focus on the now.

  1. SHA Wellness Clinic (Spain)
  2. The Chateau (Malaysia)
  3. Ti Sana (Italy)

Healthy Solo Travel, Not Just for Singles

Whilst the rise in solo holidays has continued to grow amongst single travellers, the rest of the world has watched on in envy at the freedom this blissfully selfish form of travel affords. No longer the sole reserve of singletons, even those in relationships are now looking to travel solo for the opportunity to focus on their individual wellness goals, whether on a yoga retreat or fitness bootcamp.

  1. The BodyHoliday (St Lucia)
  2. Absolute Sanctuary (Thailand)
  3. Bali Bliss Retreat (Bali)

Natural Beauty

As the world continues its enthusiasm to ‘go green’, more luxury spas are also turning back to nature, with a resurgence in naturally sourced and produced ingredients, free from artificial chemicals. Often sourced from local organic produce, the rise of the natural beauty treatment is heightened by the experience of spa treatments in the outdoors, using natural products in their natural surroundings. Following this trend is a demand for less-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, which are kinder on our bodies.

  1. Soneva Kiri (Thailand)
  2. Paradis Plage (Morocco)
  3. Karkloof Safari Spa (South Africa)
Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand
Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

Back to Nature Fitness

A growing group of fitness professionals are calling us out of the gym and back to nature, to discover our bodies natural potential with functional training in the great outdoors, which prompts us to adapt our movements to our immediate environment. Making the most of their stunning natural surroundings, more fitness holidays are offering jungle gym circuit training, beach bootcamp workouts and guided coastal swimming. For those looking to push their limits, a rise in fitness holidays offering triathlons and even quadrathlons allows outdoor fitness fanatics to cover a variety of terrains, with beach running, jungle biking, ocean kayaking and abseiling.

  1. Wildfitness Zanzibar (Tanzania)
  2. Active Escapes (Bali)
  3. Red Mountain Resort (Utah)

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