Non-surgical procedures that work – from a GP.

There are a plethora of non-surgical products and procedures that work.


Bondi Beauty spoke with Dr Suzie Bekir from Sydney’s Taylor Clinic to find out just how successful non-surgical cosmetic surgery really is.

Why do you think anti-ageing products are so popular amongst Australian women and is there an uprise in this popularity?

Who wants to age? Ageing today is a choice! With non-surgical products being so effective at slowing down the ageing process, why wouldn’t you want them.

There is absolutely an uprise and what is most interesting is the uptake for men in aesthetics. Who would of thought “bro-tox” would be such a hit? There is also a rise in younger women taking anti-ageing seriously.

What are the benefits of ‘instant’ anti-ageing products?

Jeunesse Instantly Ageless for example is a peptide that can give women an immediate result in seconds. Peptides like argerline, which is found in instantly ageless cause wrinkles to disappear and give very effective results that last for 8hours.

Would you say these products are a good alternative to cosmetic surgery?

Non-surgical cosmetic medicine is booming. We now have dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and ultrasonic face lift procedures, as well as ablative lasers and even fat freezing. With all these non-surgical options, who needs cosmetic surgery?

I have seen some people avoid a lower blephoroplasty (surgical reconstruction of eyelid) simply because instantly ageless gave them an effective result. The era of non-surgical cosmetics is well and truly here and a good cosmetic doctor should be able to offer multiple options to improve ageing without a surgical procedure.

Does it produce the same results?

It’s variable, for some people the results of an instant product are amazing and for others average. My suggestion is to try. Our aestheticians always demonstrate the product and I love watching how in 2 minutes some people will be over the moon with an instant result.

What products would you recommend to Australian Women?

My favourite top 3 products for Australian women right now apart from an emergency packet of instantly ageless are:-

1. Coolscultp mini. If you have a double chin this is the most amazing non-surgical 1 hour you will ever see.  Available as a pack of 10 worth $6000 – and is sharable with friends.

2. Mona Lisa touch for the female intimate parts. I predict that Fractionated ablative laser for vagina won’t be a taboo topic soon. $980 for a single session; Recommended – 3 sessions for $2490

3. PicoSure focus fractionated laser treatments for the face. This is showing phenomenal results in reducing facial pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and is the only laser that increased not only collagen but elastin.  $980 for a single session; Recommended – 3 sessions for $2490.

All available at the Taylor Clinic Sydney.

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