We Know There’s at Least One of These Luxe Yoga Pants You Can’t Live Without



Yoga classes are booming in every corner of the globe.

With so many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and even Justin Timberlake obsessing over yoga, it’s no wonder this age-old tradition of wellbeing and fitness is becoming more popular each day.

According to Forbes, and in a new survey conducted by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal; carried out by Ipsos Public Affairs in 2016, yoga is being practiced by some 37 million people in the US. This is 20 up from 20 million three years ago; meaning the practice of yoga has doubled in just a few years.

In the same study, a total of $5.7 billion dollars was spent on yoga equipment (including clothing), with $10.3 billion being spent in 2012. Concluding that the industry grew by over 80.7% in four years.

With apparel giant Lululemon showing figures of a 55% annual increase from $40.7 million in 2004, to $1.37 billion in 2012.

So, we tracked down five of the hottest yoga pants. That is, if you’re looking for a little luxury on your yoga journey.

Prana Josette Capri $118.19

These are your power practice go to yoga pants. With a higher rise on the waist and a more modern capri length in the leg, these pants are comfortable enough to be worn casually as leisure wear, and they are very flattering. The fabric is soft, but strong enough to keep everything in place.

Zobha Hailey Mesh Pieced Shape Optimising Legging $89

Studio ready, these great comfort wear leggings will carry through your morning yoga session, straight into your after-work out brunch session with the girls. With a thick waistband to support the belly, these pants help contour your body whether for business or leisure.

Lululemon Wunder Under Tight in High Rise $119

Yoga = Lululemon, the two really go hand in hand. The Wunder Under Tight are a versatile high rise tight, designed to fit your body like a second skin, to help you move with easy through the yoga practice. The fabric is soft and easy to wear, and available in a variety of hot colours.

Sweaty Betty The Power Leggings $135

These tights are super stretchy and supportive, which means they actual help to sculpt your body. They look great and are suited to any form of fitness you do, whether it be yoga, boxing, running or chilling at home with a good book.

Lorna Jane Kitty Core Ankle Biter Tight $106.99

These new look tights from Lorna Jane are hot and are designed to make you stand out in the crowd. But don’t be deceived, as they aren’t just about the look. They are also a high performance tight. Made from Lorna Jane’s superior LJ Excel fabric, these tights help you stay cool and dry throughout any workout. With Active Core Stability installed in the front, which help support the core, so keep your tummy flat at all times.

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