Let’s Get Digital: Apps To Relieve Stress and Improve Relationships

Mindfulness meditation can do wonders, from relieving stress to improving our relationships and sleep. So which apps are best?

Mindfulness and meditation are the states of being aware and present during everyday activities.  Several studies have shown the ability of mindfulness to improve our sleep, general well-being, groundedness and appreciation of the everyday.

Essentially, it’s the act of practising being mentally grounded in times of stress or when we are overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

Although it sounds simple, the reality is that with the constant business of our everyday lives, simple tasks such as breathing, walking, or even brushing your teeth can get completely overlooked.

Top 4 Apps:

Several companies have released free-to-download apps to assist with guided meditations to help practice mindfulness and relieve stress.

Here at Bondi Beauty, we’ve gone through them for you to find the best for value. Likewise, sifting through the ones that don’t have a narrator with an off-putting voice…


Recommended by various psychologists, HeadSpace is the fastest growing paid-for-app in the world. It will guide you through the basics of learning to be mindful. Headspace is perfect for beginners as it provides small starter sessions, as quick as 3-minutes.

Headspace provides some single meditations as well as meditation for kids and packages.  These include a few sessions focused on one topic, such as anxiety or sleep. Although free to download and try a few basic meditations, packages and more complex meditations are paid. Either a yearly subscription for $12.50/month or a monthly subscription for $20/month. It also provides a 14-day free trial to see if their meditations work for you. Available on IOS and Android.


This app not only has a massive library of natural sound but various free options for meditation. Having one new free meditation available every day, it also comes with a free 5-day Introduction to Meditation package.

Subscriptions to access the full 85+ meditations and music library of 135+ sounds are either $37/3 Months or $15/Month. A sale for the Lifetime Access/One payment of $31 instead of $80 is on right now. Available on IOS.


Within this top 4, Calm has the largest library of free meditations without needing a subscription. A personal favourite, it not only provides daily meditation for beginners but more specific options such as meditation to improve focus, sleep, relationships, emotions or self-care. With packages such as ‘loving kindness’ to focus on developing warmth and compassion towards oneself and others.

Calm also gets the thumbs up as it comes with a few free meditations in every topic so that you can get a trial of the whole library available.  Subscriptions include a Monthly option for $20/month, Yearly option for $7.50/Month or once billed $500-lifetime option. Available on IOS & Android.

Stop, Breathe & Think:

This app, although having the least amount of free options to explore it, provides an abundance of various unique packages. These include ones just focused on breathing, some focusing on broadening your perspective, connecting with your body or even towards Gaining Resilience. Subscriptions include a monthly payment option for $15.50/month or Yearly for $7.17/month paid at the end of each year. Available on IOS & Android.

But if you find that none of these suit you, there are always completely free guided meditations to check out on YouTube from some renowned gurus such as Deepak Chopra.

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