Jasmin Singh-brar


Jasmin is a final year Journalism student at UTS. As well as a lover of all things coffee, health, fitness and beauty, Jasmin is addicted to seeking out the best lookout spots in Sydney and finding the next best story.

Why You Should Try Vedic Meditation Now

Former corporate lawyer turned meditation teacher Kimberley Chan, spoke to Bondi Beauty about Vedic meditation on why it works and how meditation changed her life and her career. High Stress, no time, no room for failure is what some could say accurately describes the environment of a lawyer. High risk for high reward, but at […]

It’s Not Your Fault- Evolution Is Making You Keep Taking Snaps of Your Designer Breakfast

Do You Find yourself pulling out your phone to snap that #postworkoutfeed because #health? There’s a reason why and you can blame evolution. There’s just something about going to a swanky healthy café/restaurant, ordering a healthy meal and pulling out your phone to take a snap. I don’t think anyone wants to be that person […]

Let’s Get Digital: Apps To Relieve Stress and Improve Relationships

Mindfulness meditation can do wonders, from relieving stress to improving our relationships and sleep. So which apps are best? Mindfulness and meditation are the states of being aware and present during everyday activities.  Several studies have shown the ability of mindfulness to improve our sleep, general well-being, groundedness and appreciation of the everyday. Essentially, it’s […]

Adding oil to vegetables makes them more nutritious? Yes

Dressing your vegetables in healthy oils increases their nutritional benefits. As the song goes- a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. But as new research from Iowa State University suggests, adding a spoonful of oil to your vegetables makes them more nutritious. Anyone wanting to start and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle […]

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