The weight loss mistakes you’re making.

There are simple mistakes we all make when trying to lose weight at this time of year.

Fiona Tuck and Tea[2]
Sydney nutritionist Fiona Tuck

Sydney-based Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Fiona Tuck, 44 explains them to Bondi Beauty. With over 25 years of experience, Fiona is devoted to exposing food and diet misconceptions.

Forget counting calories
Although it monitors what you are putting in your body in terms of energy, it doesn’t measure nutrient intake. Fiona explains if you are fixated on calories then you are highly likely to be nutrient deficient, which then perpetuates a vicious circle. When deficient in something, the body physically starts craving more foods – this can lead to over-eating.

Sneaky sugar in ‘health foods’
Low fat products can be highly processed and artificial. Many products are falsely marketed as health foods. Manufacturers increase the amount of sugar in these so we can still enjoy the flavour. This can lead to blood sugar swings – making it difficult to control our cravings and maintain balanced energy levels. Always read the food labels.

Don’t believe everything you read
With so much conflicting information, it can be difficult to make educated and informed decisions regarding your diet or what the right thing to eat really is. Anyone can write something on the internet but it doesn’t mean it is true. People read something, believe they can’t have it and cut out it completely – this may lead to deficiencies. Only listen to experienced and accredited health professionals.

Portion control – eat less
Many of us have huge portions unknowingly. People think that if a little bit of something is good then a lot of it is better – you can have too much of a good thing. A few almond milk lattes, protein balls and raw food bars throughout the day will dramatically increase your fat intake. Balance and moderation is important.

Ditch the celebrity diet
People are always looking for a quick fix. Many health fads or the latest celebrity diet can lead to extremism and that’s where people go wrong, Fiona explains. The most successful diets are non-restrictive, simple and change your habits long-term.

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