4 Self-Defence Moves Every Girl Should Know

Founder of TIFFXO, an online health and fitness program, and former Biggest Loser coach Tiffiny Hall shares her top self-defence tips.

Tiffiny Hall is passionate about self-defence.

I’m passionate about quite a few things: making Australia as healthy and happy as possible, my hubby Ed, and self-defence. This is why I included a self-defence class with my fitness program TIFFXO to ensure that Australia is covered and safe.

Self-defence isn’t about throwing the first punch or yelling loudly, it’s about being prepared. If you can prevent or avoid a situation, that is the ideal outcome.

There are a few small clever things to ensure ultimate safety:

  1. Don’t open the door willy-nilly to just anyone. Check and ask “who’s there” before opening the door. Stranger danger is a real thing! If you don’t know them, continue the convo through a locked door or fly wire. If they want to come in and use your phone, direct them to a public phone or offer to make the call on their behalf.
  2. Stick to well-lit roads at night and let someone know when you are venturing outside at night, especially alone.
  3. Don’t go running/walking around with both earphones in your ear. Always keep an ear free so you can hear anything suspicious or dangerous near you.

When the situation gets a little hairy, try these for the most efficient strikes:

    1. ASAP

A – Attract attention. Your voice is an alarm.

S – Send a clear vocal message. Just screaming may allow people to think you’re already being helped, yell out “help!” to get instant attention.
A – Act, don’t freeze. Naturally, we are prone to a fight or flight response and we want to encourage the FIGHT bit. By screaming and bringing attention to yourself, you will stop the paralysis of fear and allow your brain to think. The worst thing you can do is freeze, as you may have seconds to act.

P – Power. Breathe out so you are not winded as you strike and give yourself a chance to think. Create a spectacle. Make some noise! Show the attacker you are tough and brave, full of power and strength.

  • Never put your hands up in guard position. This will show you could have martial arts training, which could ruin the element of surprise and provoke aggression. Always put your hands open, in front of your face, as you try to walk away.
  • Use a hard weapon on your body such as an elbow, fist, heel, knee to a soft target on the attacker’s body: groin, eyes, throat. A finger to the eye is a hard weapon to a soft target, just as effective as stomping your hard heel into the attacker’s soft toes.
  • Never punch to the face, always punch to the throat. It is a softer target. Punching to the face will break your hand.
  • A more effective way of kicking to the groin is to kick up and under with your straight leg and to strike with your shin.


For more information on Tiffiny Hall’s health and fitness program, head over to www.tiffxo.com.

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