Spring clean your waist line

Spring clean your waist line as well as your house:

A kick-start to your workout can give you a flat stomach fast.

It’s that time of year again. Time to air out your cupboards and rejuvenate your home.

But don’t let the spring cleaning stop there – it’s also time to spring clean your workout habits and lose your ‘winter coat’.

These three workouts are perfect for targeting weight loss and making most of the warmer weather. Bondi Beauty helps you get your summer body back today.

Sprint training

Use the hot weather to your advantage and get outdoors for some lung burning sprint training. Sprints are a fast and effective way to drop winter fat and tone your overall body. Sprints not only increase the rate of metabolism (thanks to its high intensity) but also makes it last longer.

This means that you will continue to burn calories after you finish your workout.

Speed circuit training

Circuit training can incorporate all major muscle groups and cardio to create an overall body fat burning workout. The variation circuit training offers means your body doesn’t have time to adjust to a specific exercise or movement it continues to work hard which accelerates weight loss.

Just remember that your workout is only as good as you make it so don’t become compliant when circuit training, push your body to achieve maximum benefits.


By now a lot of us have heard about HIIT training but for those who are still unsure, HIIT training involves alternating between intense bursts of activity and less-intense periods of activity or rest.

HIIT training has loads of benefits including time efficiency (burn a lot of calories in less time), increase metabolism, lose of fat and muscle toning, you can do it anywhere and also like sprint training because of HIIT’s very high intensity, your body will continue burning calories after you’ve finished – who could say no to that!

These workouts are fab for toning up your summer body but don’t forget diet plays a huge role in any weight loss goals.

If you’re the type of person who relaxes on diet restrictions during the winter (maybe you’ve enjoyed one too many hot chocolates) now is the perfect time to get your eating back on track. To achieve the maximum benefits from these workouts your diet has to compliment your exercise regime. This means eating a healthy and balanced diet, no more splurging on junk and sugary foods for you.

Changing your diet will not only help with fat lose but will also improve your moods, boost your energy and improve your immune system.

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

What’s your perfect spring workout?

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