Holistic fitness, a new trend

A holistic approach to fitness, where multiple workout styles are combined to get the most out of your fitness is a new trend in many gyms.

A holistic approach to workouts in gyms is a new trend.

A lot of gyms are moving away from activities that only provide one workout type – such as running for cardio and weights for strength and muscle conditioning – and are beginning to try ways of combining multiple workout styles into one activity.

The biggest benefit of this approach is that it allows you to ensure you aren’t neglecting any muscle groups and that these muscle groups know how to work together properly (decreasing your chances of injury).

Fitness First, is pioneering a series of group fitness programs in this holistic style. Each class type caters to people looking for different levels and challenges, but also adheres to a belief that people of all experience levels should be able to participate and benefit from any activity.

The Freestyle Group Training (FGT) classes each focus on slightly different techniques and styles, but all were designed to follow your body’s natural movements. This kind of freestyle training improves strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility and has been proven to be more effective than working with fixed machines.

The Athletics and XT Zone classes are the highest intensity classes available, where there is a focus on strength and agility and producing marked results through the use of conditioning equipment.

The program also introduces a number of slightly more specialised classes for people looking for something a little more targeted.

It is similar to the approach at F45, where during systemised team training, different types of exercises are combined – cardio and strength in short 45 second bursts over a 45 minute session to get the most out of every minute of your workout, and to ensure your whole body gets a workout.

F45 is one of the newest and fastest growing concepts in fitness globally, as it is so quick and easy to access, and it is all over in less than an hour. The classes have multiple trainers to maximise motivation and prevent injury, and you can push yourself to the limit in all areas – and see results very quickly.


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